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Admitad Review – A Modern Approach to Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start affiliate marketing and for an affiliate network to join, this Admitad review will set you up for success. Affiliate networks work on behalf of merchants or brands and affiliates and publishers to manage the administration of the affiliate relationship.

How does Admitad fit into this? Let's find out.

Admitad is a modern affiliate network founded in Germany in 2010 but only launched its modern affiliate marketplace in 2020 after acquiring AdGoal. Admitad is popular both for beginners and experienced affiliates. It has many products, tools, and an easy-to-use platform.

Admitad Partner Network Overview

Admitad Review - Admitad Logo

Admitad is a modern affiliate marketplace that aggregates affiliate programs from multiple networks. Essentially, the Admitad network provides connected CPA programs from subnetworks with publishers and handles the administration aspects through the platform.

If you are unfamiliar with the term CPA, it means cost per action or acquisition. The affiliate is paid based on the agreed-upon action in the contract. It could be pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, or another action. 

The Admitad network binds advertisers, publishers, and subnetworks into a single experience managed through the platform. 

Admitad's mission is to bring businesses together and create partnerships. This is the power of affiliate marketing when we do it right. Admitat provides a platform to achieve it. 

How does Admitad Work?

Admitad Review - Admitad homepage

Admitad labels itself as a partner marketing platform. You can join as an advertiser or a publisher.

An advertiser can be anyone who looks for more customers or traffic on their websites.

A publisher can be anyone who publishes content and wants to monetize it. Publishers can be bloggers, vloggers, influencers, online course creators, or people who post on social media. 

Signing up is relatively straightforward, and once you've verified your information, you enter the dashboard, where you can set up and verify your ad spaces, such as websites, social media platforms, etc.

Admitad for Advertisers 

Admitad works for advertisers as well as publishers. Advertisers can use Admitad to manage their affiliate programs and reach affiliate partners and publishers who will help promote their products and services.

Admitad also offers direct sponsorship or non-CPA partnership communication via the platform. High-performing affiliates can work directly and outside the CPA models to get a merchant who wants to promote directly on a publisher's website.

This isn't necessarily unique to affiliate networks, but Admitad does it in a way that helps it stand apart from many other network marketplaces.

Admitad offers brands additional services like partner marketing, influencer marketing, mobile and in-app marketing, and other global solutions.

Since this review focuses more on the publisher, let's see how Admitad supports the affiliate partners from the content and publishing perspective.

Note: This Admitad review will be from the affiliate or publisher's perspective.

Admitad for Publishers 

Admitad verified ad spaces

There are two problems that publishers can solve on Admitad. First, they need good commissions and conversion rates. Second, they want to promote quality products or services for their target audience. 

Admitad extends its publisher reach to bloggers, influencers, mobile app developers, premium media publishers, and more. Publishers can gain global access to brands with various commission structures, payment terms, and ratings.

In the marketplace, each advertiser includes important information like commission percentage, conversion rate, confirmation rate, and payment term.

Admitad store and programs

Commission percentage: This is the amount you'll get paid based on the model for the affiliate partnership, i.e. pay-per-sale, pay-per-action, pay-per-install, etc. The commissions range from less than 1% to 100%.

Conversion rate: This measures how well the brand/merchant converts website visitors. You'll find a range of less than 1% to over 10%.

Confirmation rate: This is the share of actions the merchant confirms. The higher the better for this figure. You want as close to 100% as possible. Anything less than 70% is probably something to steer clear of, depending on the commission percentage offered.

Payment term: The payment term is how long the merchant takes to pay out the affiliate after a sale. Most extend past 30 days due to the chargeback period, but some extend past 100 days, which is somewhat unreasonable.

Affiliates would do well to test their target audience against some of these offers to determine which resonates the best. You don't have to choose the most popular brand or the higher commission in every case. 

The program acceptance ranges from instant approval to ones labeled “apply for moderation.” If you comply with the terms and conditions, you gain instant approval for anything labeled “Join” in the marketplace. All others are manually moderated; approval can take a week or more.

Admitad offers a robust report suite, stats, and tools to help publishers. They can track traffic channels, actions, clicks, conversions, etc., to help establish what works or doesn't to increase conversions over time. 

Admitad Review – Key Features 

Admitad verified ad spaces

Admitad is a top affiliate network partly because of its great features and tools. Here are the key features most meaningful to publishers.

Verified Publishers & Advertisers 

Admitad only works with publishers and advertisers verified through the Admitad system. Verification is not a difficult process. You need to add code to your properties so that the Admitad network can establish that you truly own the properties used for affiliate promotion.

You are then provided these in a dropdown menu on the top of the page. Admitad calls each “Ad Spaces.” You can choose programs to join based on your verified ad spaces. You can add new ad spaces as they are developed and verify each to serve promotions.

Express Payments 

Admitad Instant Payout option

This is a unique feature of Admitad you can't find on other platforms. Express Payments is a tool that allows publishers to receive their earnings in 24 hours. However, your sales need to be confirmed by the advertiser to be available to withdraw your earnings. 

Instant Payout will turn a “pending payment from an advertiser” into “ready to withdraw” in 24 hours for a commission of 5%-7%. You must be active with Admitad for at least six months and have funds marked as “awaiting advertiser payment.”

How does it work?

For example, Revolut has an average time of 51 days to confirm payment. You would then need to wait seven days to receive the payout. Using Admitad Instant Payout, you can receive your money in 48 hours instead of 58 days. 

Training & Tools to Help You Create Successful Campaigns 

Admitad includes valuable tools for publishers to leverage to improve affiliate campaign performance.

Here are the available tools: 

  • Link checker: This tool checks the health of your affiliate link, finds errors, defines the ad space and the program for which it was generated, and displays the link status and other link details.
  • Postback URL: This tool helps to get the report's cross-section you need to optimize your work. 
  • Coupon and promo codes: Allows you to see which merchants are running promotions so you can join their programs.
  • Deeplink generator: For affiliates who want to link to deeper pages within the merchant site but still want to track those links with their affiliate tracking URLs.
  • Broken links: If your links stop working, you can sign up to be notified instantly so you can take action.
  • Admitad Extension: The Admitad extension allows you to create affiliate links from an advertiser's website on the fly to save time and get to deeper pages.
  • Shortlink: For affiliates who don't use a cloaking system for their affiliate links, you can use Admitad's shortlink tool.
  • Lost orders: Create requests for advertisers to review where orders made through your affiliate links have not been properly credited.
  • Moneylink: Moneylink is a great tool for automatically turning a brand or product name into an affiliate link.
  • Integration with Google Ads: You can directly configure conversion tracking with GAds to enable automated strategies to optimize your PPC campaigns.
  • Promo code requests: For publishers who want to request exclusive promo codes from their advertising partners.
  • Admitad Bot: The Admitad Bot can be added to Telegram to generate affiliate links from your smartphone or any other device.
  • Admitad Teleport: Teleport enables affiliates links to land a user directly on the advertiser's website without redirection to the affiliate network site.
  • Marketplace X: Allows affiliates to connect directly with advertisers and offer direct sponsorship or ad placement opportunities in non-CPA channels.

Many of these affiliate tools are advanced and provide benefits other affiliate networks do not have. Your marketing campaigns can truly benefit when you have the ability to harness the power of technology.

Tracking Technology 

As an affiliate, one of the most crucial elements garnering success is ensuring the tracking technology is top-notch. Many affiliates lose accuracy by implementing tracking that fails. This leads to losing click data, conversions, and revenue opportunities.

Most disputes in this area do not favor the affiliate, so ensuring accurate and comprehensive affiliate link tracking is vital for an affiliate marketing program.

Admitad solves all these problems with its comprehensive tracking technology. Admitad tracks users across devices which means you can get credit from a promotion on mobile even if the customer completed the purchase from a desktop device.

Admitad tools allow you to check all affiliate links to ensure they work correctly quickly. The Teleport tool lets you send people to the merchant site without direct redirection.

GDPR Regulation Compliance 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can certainly impact affiliate marketing. And because Admitad works globally, the EU is significantly represented by high-end brands.

While excluding Europeans from your website or advertising campaign is possible, adapting is a better option. Admitad has a tool that can track European visitors, even if they don't consent to share their data. They refer to it as cookieless tracking. Advertisers must consent to this, of course, before Admitad cookieless tracking is allowed on their websites.

Publishers need not worry as the process instituted and agreed upon allows the affiliate free reign to promote the EU brands without dealing with the hassles of traditional tracking methods.

Admitad Pricing 

As a publisher, Admitad is free. There are no costs to join the network. Admitad makes its money through a percentage earned in managing the transactions and any other fees they may charge advertisers for specific services on the network.

This makes it ideal for publishers who want to start setting up their ad spaces and earning affiliate revenue

Admitad Integrations 

A critical element of any software system is its ability to integrate with other systems to satisfy meeting business objectives. The Admitad platform has plenty of integrations to satisfy the network's goals.

You can connect the system to multiple different website platforms. Admitad has a handy Chrome extension to allow you to create affiliate links on the fly. It integrates with different tracking and measurement solutions.

Admitad is also integrated with several dropshipping automation applications, allowing dropshippers to monetize with affiliate products or links out to maximize earning potential.

You do not see the type of advanced integrations with other systems with most other affiliate networks.

Additional Resources

Admitad Review Wrap-up 

Admitad provides tremendous value and has worked diligently to improve the overall rating scale for affiliate networks. Web Tools Advisor has it ranked as the #2 affiliate network in 2023.

Admitad is progressive in its approach to tackling new technologies to add sophistication to the platform. They are aggressively gaining ground on some of the more notable networks that have been entrenched for decades.

Admitad is a great option both for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers. You'll find ample opportunities as a publisher to build upon your success. Admitad is still relatively unknown, but a good company steadily moving up the ranks.

We expect they will be a top player in the next several years, and the platform reviews will show them as one of the best affiliate networks to join as either a publisher or advertiser.

Admitad Review – A Modern Approach to Affiliate Marketing

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