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Jasper AI Review – the AI Tool Best for Long-Form Content in 2023

For any individual aiming to build their reputation as a knowledgeable resource in their niche, long-form content is the way to go. As AI continues its growth and development across various platforms, Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis) has emerged at the forefront of this technology.

Jasper can provide an affordable creation service for blogs and original content that can be shared on your social media sites and websites.

The Jasper AI logo

Utilizing services like Jasper can be advantageous for cost-effective content creation, but are they effective? Is long-form writing necessary these days?

After all, the consensus amongst freelance writers is that readers prefer concise and punchy articles – so why invest time crafting longer pieces?

It's no secret that society yearns for instant gratification, making it hard to understand why longer content can still be helpful or successful.

While the reasoning behind humans' short attention spans may remain a mystery, this doesn't mean we should write off lengthy articles, youtube videos, and posts altogether.

On the contrary, when it comes to longer content, Jasper.ai effectively creates SEO-friendly, original, and informative articles.

This Jasper AI review will discuss why it's the best choice for long-form content in 2023.

Jasper AI 2023 – TL;DR

The Jasper AI Homepage

Long-form writing still has its place – it can be a great way to establish authority and credibility in your industry. With the help of the Jasper AI app, you can create content efficiently with no compromises on quality, making it the ideal AI copywriting tool for long-form writing in 2023.

Jasper AI is an AI assistant/writing tool that helps optimize workflows, remove writer's block, and create blog posts, articles, and other marketing content with Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3).

Here are the essential items to understand when reviewing Jasper AI.

  1. Jasper offers two distinct modes for creating content: Workflows, which are great for giving structure and organization to the content creation process, and Freeform, which allows users to customize the content.
  2. Power Mode enables users to easily create customizable content using tools from its library of recipes and templates.
  3. To generate the best quality content, providing good inputs, in-context descriptions, topic titles, keywords, etc., is crucial.
  4. The Tone Detector or Commands template helps users find their ideal brand voice for maximum engagement.
  5. Through its integration with SurferSEO, Jasper AI enables users to create SEO-optimized blog posts.
  6. Plagiarism Checker powered by Copyscape ensures the generated content is 99.98% original.
  7. The Jasper AI Facebook group is a fantastic community to learn more about Jasper and mingle with the devs.
  8. Jasper AI support provides high-quality video tutorials that can't be beaten.
  9. Alternatives to Jasper include ClosersCopy, Copy.ai, Writesonic, and Scalenut, each with strengths and weaknesses.

Jasper AI Offer

Jasper AI Get 10k Free Credits Trial

As one of the leading Generative AI tools on the market, Jasper allows freelance writers to generate AI content within minutes. In addition, this platform provides a Google Docs-like interface, making it simple to craft entertaining and informative articles.

You may be skeptical of AI generative tools, but they aren't going away anytime soon. Freelancers can use Jasper AI to generate sentences and paragraphs and write blog posts with only some written context and a few clicks of their mouse.

We highly recommend you try this amazing tool to see if it meets your needs. Right now, get your first 10,000 words free!

What is an AI writing tool?

Many people still consider AI to be something out of a science fiction novel, but the truth is that AI has been integrated into our everyday lives. For example, AI writing uses machine learning and natural language processing to generate text based on user inputs.

While there are other forms, AI copywriting tools are software that can generate human-like content.

Before running to the hills in fear of robots taking over the world, you should know that AI writing tools cannot replace humans – even excellent ones. They are designed to assist freelancers with their writing process.

If you're a digital marketing agency owner consistently producing copy for ads, social media posts, website landing pages, blogs, and more, then an AI writing tool like Jasper AI can help you save time.

What is Jasper AI? (Formerly Jarvis.ai)

Jasper AI Review - Free trial offer

Before understanding how helpful Jasper AI is for creating content, let's closely examine the tool. Many confuse generative AI content writing tools for something that can replace a human writer, but this isn't true.

Instead, Jasper.ai is an AI assistant/writing tool that helps optimize workflows, remove writer's block, and help write blog articles and marketing content.

Uses GPT-3 AI

Jasper AI is an enterprise-level writing tool that uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), similar to other software like ChatGPT, Writesonic, and Frase.

This type of AI is considered the most advanced form, or the third generation, of this specific learning model.

It uses machine learning and neural networks to generate human text and takes in content from across the internet.

Learning models like this have many implications, but there are some shortcomings in the software, such as:

  • Can only consider a small amount of input at a time
  • The learning model is limited due to its pretraining
  • Human bias is translated into the software itself

Machine Learning

Through Machine Learning (ML), machines can now learn and adapt without programming. ML algorithms use prior data input to predict new output values; this powerful AI technology is revolutionizing how organizations process tasks and make decisions efficiently.

There are four primary forms of machine learning:

  1. Supervised
  2. Unsupervised
  3. Semi-supervised
  4. Reinforcement learning

Through a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, virtual assistants like Jasper.ai can understand natural speech and generate written context accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence Software

An AI writing assistant is a common tool for many freelancers.

AI software is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. AI technology automates tedious tasks and creates more efficient workflows by being chatbots and virtual assistants.

Jasper AI can generate human-like text content by combining natural language processing and machine learning technology into one platform.

This allows organizations to quickly create blog posts, articles, and other written content without wasting time or getting stuck on marketing angles. However, the model is limited by its language learning model.

According to the company, Jasper's base training was completed at the end of 2019 and has consumed approximately 10% of the internet.

In training Jasper, the goal was to learn how humans write; it's ready millions of blogs, Reddit threads, websites, and newspapers. It has a solid grasp of creating unique content but doesn't know about events from January 2020 to the present.

You may think, “Well then, Jasper can't do much for me if it's not current.” Fortunately, that's untrue, and the beauty of Jasper is that it can learn and adapt and use the context you feed it to create content tailored to your needs.

Select Your Plan

Jasper AI is available monthly or annually and split into the Boss Mode or Business plans. Boss Mode best suits freelancers or small businesses needing content regularly.

The Business plan is for larger companies that need more advanced features like collaboration, analytics, a tailored AI brand voice, and white-label versions.

Jasper AI pricing plans.

No matter your plan, you can set your allotted monthly credits. Credits are discounted the higher you go but start at 50,000 words monthly. If you go over your credits for the month, you can upgrade to the next plan or wait until your credits reset.

A drawback is that your unused credits don't roll over for the next month, so you must use them all. However, if you're running low, you can change the settings to allow the system to automatically upgrade to the next lowest tier credit limit so that you can keep working unhindered.

Jasper AI cost.

This is a much cheaper option if you only go over occasionally. Jasper AI support also provides plenty of learning opportunities to earn extra credits, which roll over each month and never expire.

What Kind of Content Can I Create With Jasper?

Does Jasper AI write good content? Can you compare it to the ChatGPTs out in the market? Jasper can generate longer content from scratch using its natural language processing technology.

It can also research topics, create SEO-friendly titles, and optimize keyword usage for maximum impact. With this comprehensive toolkit, you can create informative, engaging, and persuasive content.

The AI software also understands the importance of context, structure, tone, and formatting in content creation. So you’re not just limited to blog posts or articles; Jasper can also generate video scripts, product descriptions, website copy, or emails.

In addition, Jasper leverages its AI technology to provide deeper insights into topics you may not have known about before.

Jasper AI has a multitude of copywriting tools.

It can help you craft an article that is well-researched and comprehensive but still requires close observation, as it will make up facts to fit the context better.

In addition, through the intuitive templates that come with the Jasper AI Boss Mode, users are better equipped for long-form blogs, social media posts, ad copy, or other marketing copy.

Overall, it's a great tool to quickly churn out content without staring at a blank page. Jasper removes writer's block, allowing you to quickly create high-quality content for a fraction of the cost and time.

Although it requires some redirects and focusing on the context you provide, it can create multiple-use content fast.

Jasper AI Writing Tools

While Jasper AI does use generative AI language models that other AI writers use, the company has differentiated itself by incorporating extensive writing tools. These features give users the ability to craft well-written, plagiarism-free content that is tailored to their needs.

Using custom recipes, templates, Power Mode, and the Document Editor, Jasper can employ a toolkit of integrations and services to create more comprehensive content than ever before.

With suitable templates and context, Jasper AI can generate entire blog posts or several at a time. The Jasper team created an AI image generator similar to Midjourney or Dall-E called Jasper Art to rival similar tools.

The Jasper AI dashboard.

As a whole, the tool focuses on the following:

  • Crafting blog posts that will rank – Produce educational content and meta descriptions that are keyword-optimized and completely original.
  • Unlocking the potential of your Google ads – Make it easy to create and test multiple versions of your Facebook or Google Ads for greater returns and an enhanced return on ad spend.
  • Accelerating your content pipeline – You can complete a first draft 5x to 10x faster.
  • Creating compelling social media posts – write captivating Facebook group comments and more with ease and speed.
  • Writing content can be tricky – Let your robot partner take care of your creative writing needs and overcome writer's block quickly.

Power Mode

Jasper AI has a long-form assistant that allows its users to skip the templates and structure of Jasper's writing methods and use a freeform content generator.

Through the use of Jasper Commands, a feature they acquired from the ShortlyAI acquisition, freelancers can ask the AI to write content using simple phrases like “Write an intro paragraph about (your blog topic)” or “Summarize the best features of (your product or service)” into a paragraph. You can employ this feature by using CMD + Enter or Ctrl + Enter for PC.

The true power of Jasper AI lies in the Power Mode feature, which is hidden away, like a polished gem, in Boss Mode/Document Editor. Here, anyone can use Jasper Chat, the available Workflows, and all of the templates for multi-use content.

In the case of a press release, you'll see that Jasper AI breaks down each template flow into steps based on the type of content you're creating.

Write your best content in Boss mode.

It will then generate the words and sentences, making it easy for users to write a professional press release quickly. Although we enjoy Power Mode, there's more to the Document Editor.

Document Editor

As mentioned, the freeform content editor in Boss Mode allows a bit more freedom to play and generate content, explore ideas, deepen the context, and set your tone.

The Document Editor is where you can shake things up. The editor allows you to:

  • Format text with headings, bolding, italics, and more
  • Reset content styles, add links to cite your sources
  • Insert media like images, GIFs, videos, and audio
  • Easily switch from the different modes accessible in the editor

The tone of Voice, Keywords, Content Description

Generating articles in Jasper AI requires the freelancers set their context to get the type of article they need. Each project should have a title, description, keywords, and a tone of voice for context.

The Tone should be chosen based on the target audience for the project. This will help ensure that the AI writes tailor-made content for them.

The Keywords and Description fields allow writers to enter terms related to their topic so Jasper can understand the context better and generate AI content.

This also helps ensure that the AI creates keyword-rich content. Lastly, the Content Description field should be used to give more information about what is required from the article, such as if you need a list of 5 things or an in-depth review of a product.

Write blog posts easily in the document editor.

Jasper AI has plenty of features to help make creating content easier and faster. However, other modes are involved that make content creation easier or more specialized.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode is the ultimate AI-writing tool. It's designed to allow freelancers to direct their AI assistants in any direction they want without limits on creativity or structure. In addition, this mode will enable users to craft content with more detail and expressiveness.

Focus mode enables useful features like resetting text styles, adjustable text generation length, more freeform use of commands, and easier access to the Content Editor tools like Grammarly, the Plagiarism Checker, the “Fix grammar” tool, and “Explain it to a 5th grader.”

Chat Mode

In a ChatGPT-like format, freelancers can utilize the Chat feature to generate content based on text prompts or questions. This feature is beneficial for generating content with a conversational tone and quick summaries that are easy to read.

Jasper AI offers a Chat feature like OpenAI's ChatGPT.

The Chat Mode also allows generating content in one click, making it much faster and easier to write long blocks of text or short bursts of ideas in a shorter amount of time.

SEO Mode – Create SEO optimized blog posts

Through its integration with SurferSEO, Jasper AI enables users to create SEO-friendly blog posts easily.

In addition, SurferSEO provides real-time analysis of the content you're creating and suggests changes for better optimization, allowing you to improve your on-page SEO even further.

As part of the partnership between Jasper AI and SurferSEO, freelancers can set up a free Surfer account and use the platform to get even better results from search engines for their AI-generated content.

To use SurferSEO effectively, freelancers must incorporate the appropriate keywords for their content.

Power Mode

With Power Mode, you can create a multitude of content for any of your marketing needs straight from its many structured recipes and templates.

To get the most out of this mode, users should recognize that the freeform function of Jasper AI doesn't apply here.

Some of our favorite templates include:

  • Paragraph Generator
  • Tone Detector
  • Content Improver
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Tweet Machine
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction
  • Blog Post Outline
Generate a blog post intro paragraph

So, yeah, you get the idea. As Jasper continues to add more, our uses may change, but for now, our favorite Workflows are:

  • Blog Post Starter
  • Email Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign

There's plenty more where these came from, and we could talk about them, but there's no reason to spoil all the fun. You'll need things to explore on your own, after all.

“Rephrase” Tool

We all have those days when we're just not feeling particularly creative and need a fresh look at our work. The “Rephrase” tool is perfect for those moments, allowing you to take your existing text and rephrase it in one click.

Rephrasing is a great way to move forward faster when you're stuck or want to give your text a bit of extra sparkle. The tool is beneficial for content that has already been through multiple drafts, as it can quickly spruce up the words and give them a fresh new feel.

This tool is not a replacement for an editor’s work but can certainly be helpful in a pinch. It's even useful when refreshing content for SEO purposes.

Plagiarism Checker

Jasper AI was trained on published content and imitates the works of professionals. However, it's important to mention that any AI-generated content created with the platform is 99.98% original.

Fortunately, although the model was trained on published content, it doesn't just regurgitate what it reads. That isn't how the GPT3 learning model works.

You wouldn't get the same results even if you could enter the same inputs as another freelancer. Training in the Jasper AI Bootcamp will advise you that while it's doubtful that Jasper would ever write the text published elsewhere, it can occasionally happen.

However, if Jasper AI is good at anything, it gives writers peace of mind and the confidence to know that their work will pass the plagiarism checker with flying colors.

It has a built-in Plagiarism Checker powered by Copyscape, one of the most trusted plagiarism-detection systems in the business. If it detects any similarities to other content on the internet, it will highlight it for you.

In addition, this tool helps work with multiple writers, ensuring everyone's content is original and unique.

The Plagiarism Checker tool.

The use of Plagiarism Checker is an add-on feature. Jasper can load funds onto your account for use inside the software without navigating anywhere else.

BONUS TIP: Try to limit checks to 3,000 words at a time, as the quality of your checks may be affected.

How to Create High-Quality Content With Jasper AI

Jasper AI provides the ability to create content quickly and easily. While creating great content in Jasper doesn't have a huge learning curve, it still takes practice. Here's how we create content with the highest quality in Jasper's Content Editor.

Know Your Audience

Before you even start creating content, you must know your target audience. Jasper will follow any instructions you provide, but you should know the language and content that will likely relate to your readers. This information will help you generate content tailored to their needs, making it more likely to succeed.

For example, if you're having trouble nailing your tone, use the Tone Detector or Commands template to find your ideal brand voice.

Pick a Workflow

What is considered long-form content?

Long-form posts are content that is typically longer than most blog posts or articles, usually between 1,000 to 7,500 words. It's excellent for providing in-depth information about topics and can be used to build readers’ trust by showing your expertise.

Some common types are:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Affiliate content

Once you know who your readers are and what kind of content you want to create, it's time to pick a workflow. Each is designed with different types of content in mind, so choose wisely.

Freeform or Workflows?

You can use either a Workflow or Freeform to do your long-form writing. While it varies on the project, we often use the freeform method for about 80% of our content work.

On the other hand, workflows are great for structuring and organizing your content creation process. However, the freeform mode is perfect if you're looking to experiment with different approaches and styles.

The best part about using Freeform in Jasper AI is being able to customize your content. This includes adding and rearranging elements, adjusting the font size, and bold text.

In practice, it may work better to use both to give your blog or article the necessary structure before deciding to expand on specific points with freeform. Whichever mode you choose, Jasper is ready to help take your content creation to the next level.

Let's use an example to show you how content generation with the “Blog Post” Workflow can help you set up a great framework for your content.

Using the Blog Post Workflow

This workflow is an excellent option for quickly creating content. It only takes a bit of context from you, and you're on the way. Let's create a blog post outline template based on “Tips on How to Set Up a Good Social Media Strategy.”

Step #1 in the blog post workflow.
  • You only get 200 characters in the Context Description, so make them count. This part is a focus point for your content to lead Jasper where you want him to go.
  • Next, we will turn on the slider and enter a short blurb about how a social media strategy is essential.
  • Place the topic title in the Blog Post Title section. All starred inputs are required; the others are technically optional.
  • Thinking about your audience, list the people you want to speak to with this blog—type in the Audience type, separating each kind by a comma.
  • Then enter the tone you want for the article. In this case, we will use an Informative style. Finally, click Generate and finish Step #1.

As you can see, the output is pretty good, and we'll use it. When you're ready to move to the next step, click Next.

  • In Step #2, the workflow will create an outline based on previous inputs. You can adjust these if needed, but we will leave them as they are now.
Step #2 in the blog post workflow.
  • When ready, click Generate. Again the outputs for this example don't have to be perfect, but if you want to Regenerate them or adjust the inputs, you can, but we will keep everything the same. Click Next.
  • In Step #3, each bullet point of the Outline is expanded into a paragraph. In the Paragraph Generator, you'll have to input what your content will be about.
  • You'll also include any keywords and tone of voice here. Click Next to generate the first paragraph.
  • Generate each consecutive paragraph or bullet point to finish the blog. You can ignore your original outline if it doesn't make sense at the time. One of the best benefits of workflows is that they can still work and, at the very least, set up a solid blog for expansion.
Generate all outline points into paragraphs.
  • Continue generating all the outline points into expanded paragraphs until the blog post is complete. Then, finally, round it with a solid conclusion, a great CTA, and a promise of more to come, and you're good to go.

Ultimately, we had a blog post that was slightly over 1,000 words. With a bit of tweaking to our framework, expansion of points, and adding links or multimedia content, we now have a long-form blog post ready to be published.

Input good information

One crucial thing that freelancers, creators, and non-writers using Jasper AI must remember is that the AI writing assistant requires good inputs to produce great outputs.

Use clear and concise context descriptions, topic titles, keywords, and other information about your content. Of course, you must occasionally play around with your inputs and regenerate your content.

If you aren't happy with what you've got, try changing the inputs to focus your writing or use the “Re-phrase” tool to get a variation of the same content.

Polish Your AI Content

A great blog post doesn't just happen on its own, though, Jasper AI is excellent, but it's not magic. You will still need to do some editing and polishing at the end.

As a content creator or writer, you should edit any AI-generated content for accuracy and clarity and add any additional information that might make it better.

We suggest that you use these tools when polishing:

  • Grammarly Integration – You can quickly find and fix any errors in your text.
  • Plagiarism Checker – Make sure the content is unique and original by running through a plagiarism checker. As mentioned, you shouldn't encounter any issues with Jasper's 99.98% original content rate, but double-checking never hurts.
  • Fact Check Content – Always check the accuracy of statements and facts in your content. Again, Jasper AI can get a little too creative sometimes and will make up specific facts and figures, so double-check them before you publish.

Best Templates for Long-form Content

The team at Jasper AI is constantly adding new templates to their library. And while most of them work well for longer content, a few stand out and will offer unique content to expand.

  • One-Shot Blog Post
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Commands
  • Content Improver
  • Paragraph Generator
Our completed article in the previous example.

If you're new to Jasper AI don't worry. The learning curve is quite gentle, and you will soon master the art of content creation.

The Realities of Using Jasper AI Software

We've talked about how great Jasper AI is for content creation and its many benefits, but like any other AI software, there are some things to keep in mind when using it.

  • AI-generated content will never be perfect – It takes a lot of trial and error and optimization to create content that is on par with human-written text.
  • AI-generated content can be quite costly – While Jasper makes content creation faster, producing high-quality content still requires more time and money. Some freelancers may not be ready for this.
  • Establish purpose and direction early – Remember that you must have some content strategy and goals to make the most out of Jasper AI. Jasper is great, but he's not a mind reader.

Furthermore, just because we enjoy Jasper AI doesn't mean that there are things we don't like.

For instance, here are a few things that need work:

  • The UI/UX and the Dashboard – It can be pretty slow sometimes, and finding a suitable template can be challenging. Navigation from panel to panel or different services should be fluid. When moving from one part of writing to the other, it isn't easy to maintain momentum sometimes due to the clunky nature of the interface.
  • Outdated Training – It relies heavily on NLP and ML algorithms to generate content, but these technologies constantly evolve and need regular updates. The language model was trained on data from 2019, which doesn’t reflect the current trends in language usage. It could hurt the software's long-term success if there aren't any updates.
  • Preserving Credits – The credit system can be confusing, and keeping track of the credits you have left or how much you use for each blog is challenging. Usage should be accessible anywhere in the Document Editor or while using the extension. Perhaps notifications on usage milestones during the month would help freelancers be more mindful of their usage.
  • More Opportunities to Earn Free Credits – Jasper offers a few ways to earn free credits initially, but there could be more opportunities, such as referrals or monthly content challenges. In addition, SurferSEO offers extra Content Editor credits for anyone that participates in training at any time.

Jasper AI Alternatives


image: closerscopy.com
image: closerscopy.com

While both Jasper and ClosersCopy offer AI-generated content, some key differences exist. ClosersCopy provides tools to help create content in three key ways BlogAI, SalesAI, and StoryAI. As you might guess, each of the three ways is geared toward a specific type of content need.

  • BlogAI – covers any blog-related content or articles and is excellent for meta descriptions and neat blog posts.
  • SalesAI – deals with short sales-related copy, like product descriptions and website content.
  • StoryAI – focuses on longer stories and narrative pieces.

While ClosersCopy does offer a lot more once you peel back the first layer, its UI and UX aren't as developed as Jasper's.

In addition, many GPT-3 trained tools have content filters and restrictions on the type of content you can generate. For example, if you have sensitive or adult-themed work, ClosersCopy lets you generate almost anything you need.

On the other hand, Jasper AI has strict content filters on anything considered “unsafe” or offensive. Overall, the model doesn't seem as well-trained as Jasper's. As a result, ClosersCopy is a better tool for freelancers who need shorter sales copy.


image: copy.ai

Jasper AI and Copy.ai are similar regarding the dashboard setup and the UI. There are very few complaints regarding its interface. In some ways, it's better than Jasper's, as you can see all the tools at your fingertips. Copy.ai also offers services and tools that generate content with just a few clicks.

The product is intuitive and could be a serious competitor for Jasper once it expands its offerings. The most notable differentiator for Copy.ai is that it's best for short-form content and sales copy.


image: writesonic.com

Writesonic is another competitor and has a very familiar dashboard. It offers a range of AI-driven content generation tools and services, with some specialized for specific needs like eCommerce copy.

Ultimately, this tool is best for solo entrepreneurs or individuals who need to generate quick documents. Writesonic has a few differentiating factors, the most notable of which is its pricing tiers and quality settings.

While it does have a free trial, it's limited to 2,500 words which isn't enough time for some to figure out the platform, but Jasper's free trial is far better. So, back to the pricing structure, with Writesonic, you have Free, Long-form, and Custom plans for larger businesses.

What catches our eyes is the quality selector for your plan. Users can choose to have the Economy, Average, Good, or Premium quality attached to their plan. However, when selecting the output quality, the pricing differs significantly.

While the flexibility is nice, it's hard to justify the difference in quality. The quality selector is misleading because, without suitable inputs, you won't get premium output no matter how much you spend.


image: scalenut.com

Scalenut is another challenger to Jasper's supremacy as an AI writing assistant. Scalenut has a better, more productive interface in the Article Writer tool. It resembles a Google Doc to a degree.

Also, it adds the ability to optimize the written content, a recently added feature to compete with SurferSEO and other optimization and AI combo tools like SurgeGraph.

Scalenut is decent, but since the newest release and the expansion toward optimization, we've seen a very unfortunate quality dropoff.

AI tools have a long way to go in terms of development, but adding new features is not as important as maintaining or, better still, improving the quality of the output.

Still, Scalenut's Cruise Mode to creating blog posts and articles is strong and takes you through the entire article creation process, allowing you to make adjustments along the way.

Jasper AI Review – What Other Freelancers Say

Overall, creators have been satisfied with the features and results of Jasper AI. Most praise its usability and flexibility for producing long-form content.

They particularly rave about Power Mode, which helps refine, structure, and weed out any potential issues with your content.

Most complaints are mainly due to pricing, but let's face it, great AI content writing tools are not cheap. Additionally, writers using this content creation tool are usually digital marketers, entrepreneurs, or freelancers with some experience.

Therefore, most users would recommend Jasper AI to anyone looking for a reliable AI-based copywriting assistant or content creation tool.

Jasper AI Get 10k Free Credits Trial

Many viewers give it high ratings, usually around five stars, with customers praising its features and the value it provides to those needing to create content.

Read Next:

Should You Use Jasper AI For Your Content?

Whether creating a post, an article, a review, or other content, your project will be done faster and better with Jasper AI. Jasper is the most well-established content-generation tool in the market. Period.

It offers a range of features, a decent UI, and a flexible document editor to help refine your content. However, as with any tool, it has areas for improvement, and its pricing structure can significantly deter many users.

All that said, if you have the budget and the need for some AI-driven content, Jasper AI is the most flexible tool for you. So, if this sounds like a great fit, why not try it? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jasper AI Review – the AI Tool Best for Long-Form Content in 2023

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