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The 5 Best Cameras For Vlogging 2023 

Want to be a professional vlogger? Looking for the best camera to produce awesome video content for your vlog but don't know where to start? We'll share our top picks for the best cameras for vlogging in 2023.  

 The popularity of vlogging is rising every day with the changing tendencies in the lifestyle of people. Vlogging requires a camera to start recording, uploading, and sharing videos with your followers. Professional vlogging requires top-quality equipment to get the most out of your content.  

 Whether you are a seasoned vlogger or want to be a vlogger, you'll need the best vlogging cameras to have a seamless experience. This blog post will help you decide which vlogging camera might be best for you as a professional or aspiring vlogger.

Vlogging Statistics

Vlogging Statistics chart from Statista

The chart above from Statista shows that females watch more vlogs than males, but also that younger generations most watch vlogs, and the growth of vlogging is just picking up.

It is estimated that 44% of internet users are interested in vlogs. They spend their valuable time watching vlogs every month. According to Wyzowl, 91% of businesses use video content as a marketing tool.

At the same time, 96% believe that their content strategy can only be articulated by making videos a part of it. 

According to Think with Google, 86% of vlog content on YouTube comes from YouTube creators.

Vlogging vs Blogging – Which is Better? 

white ceramic figurine on black table

Deciding on whether vlogging or blogging is better is complicated. You must consider various factors before deciding which suits your skills better. The first thing you need to consider is the content's purpose. 

You must have detailed information and thorough research to share in-depth knowledge on a particular topic. You'd likely choose to blog if you prefer to share your findings and stats through charts, graphics, illustrations, and images. If you would rather share the information visually, with a demo, walkthrough, or another video first approach, you'd likely choose to vlog.

You should also research your audience. You will want to know how your audience wants to receive their information and want format best resonates with them. Audience insights help in deciding whether blogging or vlogging is better for you. 

Your skills and abilities are also essential factors before you make a decision. Some people are good at writing, while others are good at speaking. If you are confident, well-spoken, and have a pleasant personality, you must choose to go for a vlog. Visual content is more powerful comparatively, depending on your chosen topic. 

It would not be wrong to infer that vlogging is more popular nowadays than blogging. There are many reasons for this. One is people's short attention span or limited time to consume media, and they choose video as it is easier and more streamlined.

People are busy and look for ways by which they can save time while still obtaining the information they need to make decisions. A blog offers very thorough content but might consume too much time to get to the answer.

Vloggers can compile the content of a long blog post within the first few minutes of a video. Many bloggers run video content in parallel on their blog posts so readers can be watchers and vice versa.

Another reason is the presence of a massive audience on video-sharing platforms like YouTube (2.514 billion users), Facebook ( 2.958 billion monthly active users), and TikTok (1.051 billion users).

Vlogging provides the opportunity to reach a massive audience and has more potential to reach the right people in the shortest amount of time. Vlogging is also more difficult as the video quality has to be superb. Video creators sometimes must put in more time to get quality video content as a finished product.

Quality video content is made easier when you have the right equipment. Video quality cameras are essential for vlogging success. Here are 2023 picks for the best cameras for vlogging.

The 5 Best Cameras for Professional Vloggers 

Vlogging is for you only if you love to create and share video content. The everyday use of smartphones made it simple to record a video. But the quality of your video matters a lot if you are recording something you want to monetize.

If you want to be a professional vlogger and are willing to produce something that will boost your online presence, then you'll want the best vlogging camera. First, let's discuss how we approached our review and chose the five best cameras for vlogging.

We researched the options across many of the most important criteria for what a vlogging camera must have to ensure success. Some of the criteria and features evaluated were:

  1. The size of the camera body (small to big)
  2. Was it an interchangeable lens camera?
  3. Does it have a flip-up screen?
  4. What is the max video resolution?
  5. Does it have an external microphone?
  6. Does it offer digital image stabilization?
  7. What is the battery life?
  8. What is the weight of the vlogging camera?
  9. How is the low light performance of the camera?
  10. What's the zoom range?

We followed a testing and evaluation process and spoke with experts who use these cameras daily. We also hired experienced freelancers with a high familiarity with the camera to get their reviews. We considered all of this, which helped us reach an accurate conclusion. 

Professional vlogging is an exciting and growing field, and many great cameras exist for this purpose. Here are our top picks for the best cameras for vlogging. 

Panasonic Lumix GH6 – Best Premium Vlogging Camera

Images from Bestbuy.com

The Panasonic Lumix GH6 is a high-end mirrorless camera with excellent features and performance. Panasonic has consistently improved the Lumix line since its debut in 2014, and the GH6 is no exception.

This camera is packed with features. Some notable updates include 4K video recording at 60fps, 5-axis image stabilization, and an electronic viewfinder (EVF). All this makes it an excellent choice for vloggers who need to capture smooth footage without sacrificing quality or flexibility. 

The GH6 has a fast autofocus system and can shoot both stills and videos in low-light conditions. Panasonic seems appropriate for vlogging and self-shooting work because it is easy to grip and handle.

Buttons, wheels, and dials are positioned so that Panasonic Lumix GH6 seems fit for vloggers. The deliberate placement of the second function button in front of the camera and front and back lights make the recording experience seamless. 

 Panasonic Lumix GH6 Key Features 

  •  25.2-megapixel Live MOS sensor with no low-pass filter. 
  • C4K/4K 120p video recording with higher readout. 
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes 422 codec internal recording 
  • 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 image stabilizer 
  • 315-area contrast-detection depth-from-defocus (DFD) system 
  • V-Log and V-Gamut shooting with 13+ stops Dynamic Range Boost Mode 
  • 3D noise reduction 
  • 10 anamorphic lenses on the GH6 for quick swaps 
  • 300 fps footage in 10-bit FHD 
  • Simultaneous internal and external recording via the HDMI 
  • DMW-BLK22 lithium-ion battery 
  • Built-in cooling system for long-form recording 

Panasonic Lumix GH6 has been announced as the successor of GH5, and it comes with many features that appeal to enthusiasts and professionals alike. The new 4K video recording capability, expanded dynamic range, finer detail reproduction, and noise reduction give you more control over your photos and videos.  

Panasonic Lumix GH6 delivers stunning visuals, shooting in 4K or capturing stills or videos with rich colors and deep blacks. In terms of performance, Panasonic Lumix GH6 is powered by an updated 24MP sensor that captures high-resolution photos and videos with greater clarity and detail than ever before. 

Panasonic Lumix GH6 Price 

The body-only configuration of the Panasonic Lumix GH6 is available for sale at the following online retailers and prices. 

Abe's of Maine – $1,579 (body only)

Best Buy – $1,999 (you can get the 12-60 F2.8-4.0 Leica lens for the same price)

Amazon – $1,997.99 (you can get the 12-60 F2.8-4.0 Leica lens for the same price)

Fujifilm X-S10 – Best Vlogging Camera for All Conditions

Images from adorama.com

The Fujifilm X-S10 may not seem like much of an upgrade over last year's model. But don't be fooled – this camera is packed with features that make it one of the best options on the market. Let's take a closer look at what makes this camera so unique.  

First and foremost, the X-S10 is a valuable tool for anyone looking to take great photos in low-light conditions. Its new image sensor and processor allow you to capture stunning images even when there's not enough light available. Plus, its intelligent AUTO mode helps you get great shots without extra effort. 

Beyond photography, the X-S10 is also perfect for vloggers who want to create professional-grade videos. 

Fujifilm X-S10 Key Features 

  •  26.2MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 
  • The 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilizer 
  • 2.36m-dot OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.62x magnification 
  • DCI/UHD 4K recording at up to 30 fps and Full HD recording at up to 240 fps 
  • Shooting at 8 fps with a mechanical shutter and 20fps with the electronic shutter 
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 external recording 
  • Vari-angle 3.0″ 1.04m-dot LCD 
  • NP-W126S battery with 325 frames per charge
  • Single UHS-I card slot 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

The Fujifilm X-S10 is a camera designed with the modern professional user in mind. It features a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and weather-sealed body, allowing you to take stunning photos in all conditions.

With its large APS-C size sensor and Fast Hybrid AF system, the Fujifilm X-S10 is perfect for capturing clear and concise images. We found the X-S10 to be a well-built and powerful camera that shoots excellent photos and videos.

Its autofocus system is fast and accurate, making it easy to take great shots. Additionally, the sensor on the X-S10 is large enough to capture detailed images and video without pixelation or distortion.

The camera also has a fast 4K shooting mode that allows you to produce high-quality videos with minimal lag time. 

Fujifilm X-S10 Price 

The Fujifilm X-S10 is available for sale at the following online retailers and prices. 

Adorama – $999 (w/o lens, $1,399 w/ 18-55mm lens)

Best Buy – $1,399.99 (comes with XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R Telephoto Lens)

Amazon – $1,049 w/o lens & $1,399 w/ lens (Bundle with 64GB SDXC Memory Card, LI-ION Battery, Dually Charger, Gadget Bag, Starter Kit, 2X Micro SD Card Reader)

Panasonic Lumix S5 – Best Versatile Vlogging Camera

Images from Bestbuy.com

The Panasonic Lumix S5 has a 14MP sensor which produces high-quality images. The camera has many innovative features, such as 4K video recording, 10 fps burst mode, and a touchscreen display.

With an 18-megapixel sensor, 4K video recording, and the ability to shoot stills and videos in portrait or landscape mode, this camera is versatile enough for most users.  

Panasonic Lumix S5 Key Features  

  • 24.2MP CMOS Sensor with Dual Native ISO Technology 
  • V-Log and V-Gamut 14+ stops of dynamic range 
  • 24.2MP CMOS Sensor 
  • 96-megapixel-equivalent images in JPEG format 
  • 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 (Image Stabilizer)  
  • 4K 60p 4:2:0 10-bit and 4K 30p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording 
  • External drive / SD card 4K 30p 4:2:2 10-bit recording
  • High-speed and high-precision AF 
  • Deep learning technology  
  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi  

As a full-frame camera system, Panasonic Lumix S5 offers professional video quality for stills and video shooters. With 4K video recording at 30p or 24p and Full HD 1080p at 60p or 50p, the Lumix S5 is perfect for capturing high-quality footage that can be used in movie productions and marketing materials.  

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-S5 digital camera also has several advanced features that make it an ideal choice for experienced photographers and videographers. For stills shooters, it features 4K PHOTO mode, which captures stunning 16:9 resolution photos with depth of field control.

For those wanting to shoot videos in ultra-high definition, the camera supports 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), recording at 30p or 24p. 

Panasonic Lumix S5 Price 

The body-only configuration of the Panasonic Lumix S5 is available for sale at the following online retailers and prices. 

Sweetwater – $1,497.99

Best Buy – $1,499

BH Photo Video – $1,497 (kit price, comes with camera bag and 64GB memory card)

DJI Pocket 2 – Best Vlogging Action Camera & for Portability

Images from Amazon.com

The DJI Pocket 2 is a pocket-sized quadcopter perfect for those who want to start aerial photography or videography. This drone ranges up to 100 meters, making it great for capturing footage of events or people from a distance.

It also has a built-in camera that can take snapshots and videos at 1280 x 720 pixels. The Pocket 2 also includes an altitude hold feature, allowing you to keep the drone steady as you take photos or videos.  

 DJI Pocket 2 Key Features 

  • 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor
  • 2.0 Hybrid AF 
  • Wide-Angle FOV 93° f/1.8 Lens 
  • 4K/60fps video 
  • 8x zoom shots with 64MP photos 
  • 3×3 Panorama (selfie range) and 180° Panorama (whole mountain range) 
  • 3-Axis image stabilizer  
  • Audio tracking with DJI Matrix Stereo technology 
  • Tracking of quick movements with ActiveTrack 3.0 
  • Three distinct sound patterns 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and audio adapter

The DJI Pocket 2 is a tiny quadcopter with many of the same great features as the larger DJI Pocket 1. The Pocket 2 is perfect for first-time flyers and aerial photographers who want a portable drone they can take anywhere.

With its easy-to-use controls, this drone is perfect for beginners looking to learn how to fly a drone. The Pocket 2 also has advanced camera features that allow experienced aerial photographers to take stunning photos and videos.  

DJI Pocket 2 Price  

The DJI Pocket 2 is available for sale at the following online retailers and prices. 

Best Buy – $349.99

BH Photo Video – $349 (kit price, comes with camera bag and 64GB memory card)

Amazon – $349 (you can purchase the creator combo in sunset white for $417.98)

Sony ZV-1 – Best Vlogging Camera for Beginners

images from Bestbuy.com

Sony always seems to be one step ahead of the competition regarding video cameras. The company's ZV-1 is no exception. This sleek camera has features and performance that rival those of more expensive models. Here are some key points you need to know about the Sony ZV-1.  

First and foremost, the ZV-1 is a capable shooter. Its 16-megapixel resolution provides plenty of detail for high-resolution photos or videos.

Second, the camera has several innovative features, such as face detection and touch focus, making it easy to take great photos and videos without fumbling through menus.

Third, the camera is very easy to use – even beginners can take great photos and videos with little effort.  

The Sony ZV-1 is a camera designed for those who want the best of both worlds: portability and quality. With its 16-megapixel sensor and Exmor RS CMOS sensor, the ZV-1 can take great photos and videos.

It also has an advanced autofocus system that makes it easy to take great photos and videos no matter what your situation may be.  

Sony ZV-1 Key Features 

  • 20.1MP 1″ Exmor RS CMOS sensor 
  • BIONZ X image processor and front-end LSI 
  • 3.0″ 921.6k-dot LCD touchscreen  
  • UHD 4K video at 30/24 fps 
  • 4:2:2, 4k recording 
  • 8-bit. Log and ‘HLG' shooting modes. 
  • 14-stop dynamic range with S-Log2, S-Log3 
  • ZEISS 24-70mm-Equiv. f/1.8-2.8 Lens 
  • ECM-XYST1M Stereo Microphone 
  • 3.5mm microphone port and a Multi Interface Shoe 

The Sony ZV-1 has an advanced autofocus system that makes it easy to take great photos and videos no matter your situation.

The Sony ZV-1 is a high-end digital video camera that offers professional-grade performance. This camera is perfect for capturing stunning videos and photos with excellent detail. With its high resolution and fast frame rate, the ZV-1 captures smooth, fluid footage. 

Additionally, the camera features advanced audio recording capabilities that make it ideal for capturing clear audio recordings of your videos and photos. The Sony ZV-1 is an excellent choice for a top-of-the-line digital video camera. 

Sony ZV-1 Price  

The Sony ZV-1 is available for sale at the following online retailers and prices. 

Best Buy – $749.99

Sony – $749.99

Amazon– $748

Vlogging camera accessories and add-ons 

Vlogging camera accessories seem like unnecessary add-ons, but these handy tools help minimize efforts and improve the quality of recordings. 

You need to know which camera accessories are most valuable to become a professional vlogger. After trying dozens of products, I shared some camera accessories here, which should be added to your equipment if you are going through the nitty-gritty of the planning process. 

So, here are some recommendations for camera accessories. 


Digipower light – image from Bestbuy.com

Lights provide a more even light source than cameras, which can result in better footage and less glare. They're also relatively affordable, so they're an excellent option for anyone just shooting videos for social media.  

There are several options available to check out when in search of lights. We recommend LED photo lighting in almost all situations for its versatility and long-lasting.

Lighting Options

BestBuy – $49.99 Digipower 120 LED Photo Video Light

Lume Cube – $249 Cordless Ring Light Pro

Amazon – $74.99 FUSE MRK1 Portable Webcam Light Kit


Movo – image from Amazon.com

You must have high-quality sound in your videos. Viewers will likely not stick around or subscribe to your channel if your voice is unclear or inaudible.

Your best option to avoid audio issues is to purchase an external mic that can eliminate background noise and make your voice clear. Blue Yeti is a great option to consider.

This mic is known for its high-quality sound and durability, which makes it perfect for recording audio for your vlog, music, or podcast.

Amazon – $99 Blue Yeti External Microphone

Amazon – $49.95 Movo VXR10-PRO External Mic

Amazon – $79 Rode Video Micro II Compact Shotgun Microphone

Foldable Tripod Stand 

ARCTISE – image from Amazon.com

You'll need a tripod for stability. Whether you choose a portable tripod or one that is studio-specific, it's important to ensure image stabilization at all costs. Most tripods will fit a compact vlogging camera or wide-body camera without issue.

You can select a selfie stick that converts into a tripod or a foldable tripod that offers more stability. Make sure you can handle the weight if carrying it to remote locations. Carbon fiber is always a lightweight option. Some options to consider are listed below.

Amazon – $210 ARTCISE AS80C+EC@ Professional Camera Tripod Stand

Lume Cube – $39.99 Edge-Mounted Light Stand

Best Buy – $49.99 JOBY GorillaPod 3K SMART Vlogging Tripod

Green Screens

Neewer – image from Amazon.com

A green screen is an essential tool for vlogging. It allows one to superimpose an image or video onto a different background. This can make a vlog look more professional and add interesting visuals to enhance the content.

Additionally, green screens can add special effects, such as explosions or weather effects, to a vlog. Green screens are great for creating unique intros or outros for a vlog, adding a professional touch.

BH Photo Video – $124.95 Angler PortaScreen (best for quick setup)

Amazon – $38.15 YAYOYA Green Screen Backdrop w/ Stand Kit (best for portability)

Amazon – Neewer 10×20 ft/3×6 meter Green Chromakey Background Screen (best large size green screen)

Vlogging Camera Terminology

When researching a vlogging camera for your needs, you'll want to familiarize yourself with some vlogging-friendly features and terms used.

Image Stabilization – Vlogging cameras with image stabilization help reduce the effects of camera shake and provide smoother footage that looks more professional. Most cameras come with some form of image stabilization, ranging from electronic to optical image stabilization, to help ensure clear and steady footage.

Slow Motion – Slow motion is a feature found on vlogging cameras which allows you to capture video at a slower speed than the normal capture rate. It allows you to achieve an effect where the video appears to be moving in slow motion, creating an interesting and creative effect.

Front Facing Screen – A front-facing screen is essential for vlogging cameras. It allows the user to see themselves as they record to ensure they are in frame and that their facial expressions are being captured correctly. It also makes it easier to check the audio and framing while recording. With a front-facing screen, vloggers can see how they look on camera and ensure they give the best performance possible.

Live Streaming – Live streaming with vlogging cameras allows you to share and broadcast real-time events, performances, or everyday life. It enables you to share your content with a wide audience and engage with them in an interactive way. Live streaming effectively connects with your viewers and shares your content in real-time, allowing you to build a larger following.

Full Frame – Full frame vlogging cameras are the latest in vlogging technology and provide superior image quality for your vlogs. Full-frame cameras use a larger sensor than traditional cameras, allowing more light to be captured in each shot. This means that images are sharper and more detailed, with less noise and a more dynamic range.

The wider field of view also allows for more creative freedom when filming, allowing for more creative angles and perspectives. Additionally, full-frame cameras have faster autofocus and shutter speeds, giving you a smooth and responsive filming experience.

Max Video Resolution – Max video resolution is a key feature when looking for a vlogging camera. It determines the quality of video footage and plays a large role in the overall image or video quality. Max video resolution determines how many pixels the camera can capture, allowing for more detail and higher-quality images or videos.

A higher resolution will allow more flexibility when editing and cropping images or videos. Common resolutions for vlogging cameras range from 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (UHD). As technology advances, higher-resolution options are becoming more and more available.

Camera Body – Camera body size is an important factor to consider when choosing a vlogging camera. A smaller body size makes taking your camera with you easier and allows for more creative freedom when shooting.

A vlogging camera with a slim body and lightweight design will make it more comfortable to carry around and maneuver. Additionally, a smaller body size tends to mean a smaller lens size, which allows for a greater range of motion when vlogging.

Compact cameras have advantages but drawbacks in terms of ruggedness and features. Buying a compact camera for vlogging is ideal, but you don't want a cheap camera that doesn't provide you with the necessary features.

Battery Life – Battery life is an important consideration for vlogging cameras. Generally speaking, the average battery life of a vlogging camera is between 3-7 hours, depending on the model and how much it is used.

The battery life of a vlogging camera also depends on the type of battery it uses and the power settings of the camera. Higher-end models have longer battery life due to their higher-quality components and power settings.

If you are doing a lot of filming and editing, having a vlogging camera with a higher battery life is important so you can keep filming without worrying about running out of power.

Action Camera – An action camera is perfect for vlogging because it is small, lightweight, and rugged, so it can be taken into any environment. The wide-angle lens allows for a more immersive experience and allows you to capture more of the action in the frame.

Action cameras are also equipped with features like image stabilization, slow motion, and time-lapse, which can create unique and interesting content for your vlog.

Vari Angle Screen – A vari-angle screen is a type of LCD monitor used on vlogging cameras. It can be adjusted to different angles and orientations, allowing the vlogger to adjust their viewing angle while recording easily.

This is extremely helpful while vlogging as it allows the vlogger to check their framing, lighting, and background while filming and ensure they are in the right position for the shot. It also helps the vlogger ensure they are in the right position for the best audio and video quality.

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Best Cameras for Vloggers Wrap-up 

When starting as a vlogger, you want equipment that doesn't break the bank but is sophisticated enough to allow you to try different things without running into an equipment roadblock. All the cameras and accessories listed are quality equipment you can use to produce high-quality videos and test your skills as a vlogger.

Whether starting as a beginner or looking to upgrade, you've got a lot of options, so it is best to know what features you need before you decide to purchase. The priority of any camera should be excellent video quality and that it is easy to use.

The 5 Best Cameras For Vlogging 2023 

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