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How to Get Started with Freelance Blogging in 2023

Blogging has become a popular way for people who want to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. According to Ahrefs, there are more than 600 million blogs worldwide.

Surprisingly, over 77% of internet users read blogs, and 70% of consumers learn about brands through blogs over ads. That’s the reason the demand for freelance blogging is significantly rising.  

Freelance blogging is a lucrative career option for those writers who want to make a business from their writing skills.

So, if you are interested in kick-starting your freelance blogging journey or want to know about top freelance blogger websites, we got you covered.

Let's dig into the details!

What is Freelance Blogging?

When comparing freelance writing to blogging, the lines are certainly blurred. Freelance blogging is a type of freelance writing in which a writer creates engaging and niche-specific blogs or articles for clients.

A freelance blogger or writer may work with other bloggers or companies, assisting them in running their blogs.

In addition, freelance bloggers can work with various businesses or industries related to their niche. 

Anyone can write blog posts, but when you become a freelance blogger, you need to understand that there is more to it than a blog post. You need to understand what it takes to earn freelance blogging jobs and how to manage the business side of a freelance blogging business.

Freelance Writing vs Blogging: What's the Difference?

Freelance writing generally refers to writing articles, essays, ebooks, reports, etc., on various topics for different clients, such as businesses, publication houses, etc. A freelance writer has polished their skills in multiple areas outside of writing posts so they can command an entirely different type of client.

On the other hand, freelance blogging involves the creation of niche-specific blog posts for individual bloggers or companies with blogs. Freelance blogging is more under the digital marketing arm within marketing as a whole.

There are other similarities between the two. And many other things also differentiate freelance writing from blogging.

Let's discuss them in further detail.

Knowledge and Skills 

If you want to kick-start your career as a freelance writer, you don't necessarily have to be an expert in any niche, although it helps. You can explore different genres and subjects, such as lifestyle, gardening, fashion, fiction writing, etc., and write in different styles and tones.

In contrast, for freelance blogging, you must acquire credible knowledge about a specific topic or niche before starting with the writing procedure. 

If you are working with a business, you should have in-depth knowledge about their industry before producing blog content for the target audience. 

Income Stability

Let's face it; we all want financial stability and a long-lasting income source. Freelance writing isn't a highly reliable option as you only get paid per word or project basis.

Sometimes, the working frequency gets low, or your project ends, which doesn't let you earn as many bucks as you want. 

Many companies and businesses today have a blog and need constant content uploading. Freelance bloggers get recurring work and long-term clients. In addition, when you become an authority in a certain niche, more and more people search for you.

There is more financial stability with freelance blogging than with freelance writing, which involves one-time projects. 

Writing Style 

Freelance blogging typically involves writing in a more conversational and engaging style, as blog posts are often meant to be read quickly. Hence, freelance bloggers must make their content attention-grabbing, easy to understand, and consumer-oriented. 

In contrast, freelance writing can involve a broader range of styles, such as conversational, formal, informal, etc., depending on the client's needs. Freelance writers may be asked to write anything from news articles to ebooks, so they need to be versatile in their writing.

Initial Steps to Get Started as a Freelance Blogger

Being a freelance blogger can be a great way to share your ideas, build your portfolio, and make some extra money.

If you're interested in getting started as a freelance blogger, here are some steps you can take:

1) Choose Your Niche or Niches 

The first thing to do before kick-starting your freelance blogger journey is to identify your areas of interest and strengths. Choose a specific niche to represent yourself as an expert in a particular field and attract potential clients.

When you stick with a niche, you separate yourself from the crowd and become more noticeable. 

For instance, if an IT company is looking for a technology blogger and your profile showcases what they need, you are likely to get hired compared to those having experience in general niches.

However, there are three questions that you should ask yourself before finalizing any niche: 

  • Does this topic excite me or ignite my interest?
  • Am I knowledgeable enough about this niche? 
  • Is this a profitable niche or popular among businesses?

2) Build Your Blogging Website

You may not know this, but building your blogging website is crucial for your freelance blogger career. A blog or website lets you share your writing samples so potential clients can see them and analyze your skills.

Moreover, it shows your credibility and expertise, increasing your chances of landing good clients. A blog post is valuable, whether written for others or yourself.

Additionally, you want to show some experience writing blog posts with different styles to showcase your versatility within your niches.

3) Decide Your Pricing Structure

As you become a freelance blogger, you should structure your pricing based on important factors. If you are a beginner, you can search the market for competitive rates for beginners and go with the same.

However, once you get hands-on experience, you can increase these rates based on the project's efforts and research needs. 

In addition, you can also change the pricing depending on the nature of the content, such as whether you are doing creative writing or creating technical content. 

4) Build a Blog Writing Portfolio

In freelance blogging, your portfolio is basically the previously written content (blog posts) that you'll show clients while pitching to them.

However, if you don't have writing samples to offer, you need to create them. Start by writing on popular topics related to your niche and publish them on your blog. 

For instance, if you have chosen the travel niche, you can write on topics like “Top 10 places to visit with family in Florida” or “The best adrenaline-rushing games to play in Hawaii.”

These samples on your own website work as your portfolio and convince clients you are perfect for their project. 

5) Get Active on Social Media 

You must be using social media to interact with friends or to follow up on the news of your favorite celebrities, but do you know social media can be a great help in freelance blogging?

Yes, it's true! Most business owners are now on social media, which means promoting your content there can bring you the desired visibility. 

Start by editing your social media account bio and make it a mirror of your freelance blogging skills. Next, share content related to your niche and interact with relevant people to build a network.

You'll soon see potential clients swirling in your inbox with job posts. Some of the best social media platforms in this regard are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 

6) Build Your Client Base 

When you start freelance blogging, clients won't reach you directly, and you have to pitch to potential clients and offer your services. But before applying, ensure the client's project needs to match your niche and interests.

Show them relevant samples and describe how your services can help them. Moreover, provide them with quality services to retain your clients, get good reviews, and maintain a good client base. Cold pitching can be an ideal way to find potential clients. 

How to Find Freelance Blogging Clients? Top Job Boards 

Here are the top job boards for you to try to search for good freelance blogging gigs:


It’s one of the most popular freelance blogging job boards, started by Darren Rowse in 2004. The purpose of this platform was to connect with bloggers who want to monetize their content.

However, over time, the site became a one-stop-shop for bloggers who want to create and monetize blogs along with landing good writing gigs. The best part about ProBlogger is that it's free for freelance bloggers but charges a fee from buyers.

The starting price for most 800 words content ranges from $25 to $50, which is a reasonable rate. The listings there get updated daily, and you can try any niche, from photography blogging to news and lifestyle writing jobs.

Here are the key features of ProBlogger:

  • Totally free for freelance bloggers, making it a top choice for many people who want to get hired without paying any fee
  • The dashboard is easy to navigate
  • Job listings get updated daily and offer a handful of writing opportunities


Fiverr is another fantastic platform where you can apply for freelance blogging jobs and grab good clients. It's been in the business since 2010 and caters to the needs of many freelance bloggers and blogging service buyers and sellers.

Fiverr's starting gig price is $5, which may be a bit low for some freelance bloggers. But a massive customer base and exceptional credibility in the market allow Fiverr to attract top clients.

In addition, if you bag a five-star review and earn a good reputation, you can increase this price as per your choice. The overall profile setting up procedure is simple; you need to create SEO-optimized gigs and a catchy gig description to get the client's attention. 

Here are a few of the important features of Fiverr:

  • Free to join and very easy to set up
  • Allows you to create more than one gig in different categories, such as to cater to the needs of a large audience
  • Very transparent ranking and review system

Hire Writers 

Another freelance blogging job board is Hire Writers, which provides a reliable and safe environment to clients and writers. The pricing for a single article on Hire Writers starts from $15, which is very inexpensive; however, you can increase this or set your own price. 

Whether you are a freelance blogger working with many writers or offering your blogging services to another client, this platform allows you to place orders and manage all the projects easily.

The best feature of Hire Writers is you can download the articles in text or spun format as per your requirements.

Here are a few of the critical features of this job board:

  • Only accepts writers or bloggers from English-speaking countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada, etc., to ensure quality content
  • Offers a favorite list option so clients can add their favorite writers or bloggers to this list and order them specifically
  • A very easy-to-use interface that allows better order placement and management


BloggingPro is a go-to freelance blogging job board for bloggers and writers who want carefully filtered and authentic jobs. This platform isn't only limited to blogging gigs, but writers can also pitch for content writing, journalism, and magazine jobs. 

BloggingPro is best for those freelance bloggers who are eager to get an answer to their job application, as the site will notify you within 24 to 48 hours about whether your job application has been approved.

Here are a few of the prominent features of this platform:

  • Every job post is carefully evaluated, and listings with negative reviews are removed immediately
  • Consistent feedback, ebooks, and writing tips help bloggers and writers grow in their respective fields
  • Almost all posted writing gigs show the price being offered


Last but not least, the freelance blogging job board is Freelancer, which resembles a lot with Fiverr and Upwork. There you create a profile, apply for blogging jobs by placing bids, and wait until the employers review your work and accept the bid.

If you are looking for freelance blogging writers, you can create a job post and invite suitable candidates. Go through all the applications and select the best candidate for your needs.

Here are the most significant features of Freelancer:

  • Offers mobile app and user chat options for better communication and availability
  • Can help you grab many high-profile clients
  • Allows you to post eight free bids a month

What websites offer paid blogging gigs?

If you are starting your freelance blogging career or are an expert in this field, you might want to find a writing gig that doesn't rely on a marketplace.

The good news is the guest post underworld to maximize link building is a booming business, and multiple websites can help you land high-paying clients.

Here are a few guest post websites: 


iWriter, founded in 2011 by CEO Brad Callen, is an amazing freelance blogging platform or writing marketplace that connects freelance writers and bloggers with potential clients. Unlike other platforms like Freelancer, where you must bid for a job, jobs are readily available on iWriters.

Once you register your account, you can start by picking any topic from the projects available on your dashboard. After completing the article, submit it and wait until it gets approved. 

You will get your payment after approval, and if the article is rejected, you aren't entitled to any payment. According to iWriter, the freelance blogger's salary for a 500-word article is $80, which is great compared to the starting rates of other platforms.

However, they deduct a specific portion of your payment once your work gets approved. In the past, bloggers used to get paid 81% of article cost, while now it's changed to 65%.


iCopify is a backlink marketplace that connects advertisers with contributors to some of the biggest and most well-known online publications available and some of the least known and spammy websites built specifically for selling guest post opportunities.

As a freelance blogger, once you have been accepted to write blog posts for a publication like Techradar or businessinsider.com, you offer a guest posting on the respective website with either dofollow or nofollow links.

You can also offer just the submission or an additional fee for writing blog posts that will be published on these websites. You can also just offer blog post-writing services to those in need via the platform.

The platform is not perfect, and the customer support lacks sophistication and timeliness, but it does work for connecting contributors and advertisers, and as a freelance blogger, you can earn good money once you've made it as a contributing content writer for high-profile online websites.


Contently is a powerful content marketing platform that enables brands to share their incredible stories with audiences, utilizing freelance bloggers and writers.

Here’re a few of the most popular brands that have collaborated with Contently: 

  • American Express
  • RBC
  • Marriott Hotels 

Unlike other freelance blogging platforms where you've to bid on jobs, Contently manages all their freelancers and connects them with potential clients. 

They pay a handsome starting amount of $300 for a 500 words article to their freelance bloggers; however, the pay rate varies depending upon a few factors.

These include the word count, complexity of the topic, original required research, etc. If you write on complex topics like medicine or finance, you can expect to earn more than someone writing on a general topic.


First introduced in 2018, Compose.ly has taken the freelance blogging world by storm. It's a great platform where freelance bloggers or writers create impressive content for top-notch businesses.

Until now, Compose.ly has made a great client base with big names on the list, such as MailChimp, PayScale, Pacific Life, etc. However, this platform works differently from other freelance blogger websites, as Compose.ly works like an agency. 

They acquire potential clients and then link them with their high-quality writers. These writers are carefully analyzed and continuously monitored by the freelancing website to ensure content quality isn't compromised. 

Their primary focus is SEO, as they claim to offer content that can help businesses rank higher in search engines organically. Compose.ly's pricing is pretty good, as clients working directly with writers pay $29.95 for a 200-word product description.


For experienced freelance bloggers, ServiceScape is an appropriate freelancer website that lets them connect with quality clients. The working of ServiceScape is pretty much like other freelancing platforms.

First, you create your profile, list your skills, and apply for different jobs. Once you have completed the project, you will generate an invoice to submit to the client. 

If the freelance blogging client is satisfied with your work, they will accept the invoice and transfer your payment to ServiceScape. You can then withdraw this amount via your PayPal account. 

This platform doesn't have a mobile app, so you must use the web version. As far as payment is concerned, you can decide your rates based on the complexity of the task.

However, you should know that ServiceScape deducts 50% of your work cost as commission, and you only receive the remaining 50% of the original payment. 

Additional Resources

Freelance Blogging Wrap-up

Starting a career in freelance blogging is great because it allows you to reach the pinnacle of your passion and provides you with consistent income. Once you find a niche, you should market yourself on different social media platforms and build a client base.

There are many freelance blogger websites and platforms to help you land your first paid freelance blogging gig. Once you understand the business side of being a freelance blogger, you can earn a great living writing blog posts, guest posts, and content on your terms.

Freelance Blogging FAQs 

How much do freelance bloggers make?

The average salary of a freelance blogger in the US is $54,974 a year, which is decent. However, a freelance blogger's salary varies depending on projects and experience.

Additionally, the pricing also changes with the niche. For instance, if you are dealing with a complex niche such as finance or cryptocurrency, you'll be paid more than those bloggers who write about gardening or lifestyle. 

How do I get paid as a freelance blogger?

As a freelance blogger, you mostly work from home, and you can get paid in multiple ways. You can offer multiple freelance blogging services on blogging marketplaces, like Fiverr, iWriter, etc., to earn good-paying clients.

You can also start your own freelance blog, post content on it daily, and then monetize it through advertising, affiliate marketing, or Google AdSense. A freelance blogging business doesn't have to be linear.

Another way to cash in on your blogging skills is by writing sponsored posts for small or large businesses that want to target specific audience types. Blog writing can be lucrative if you understand what avenues you can take to make money blogging and then pursue each when ready.

Can I become a freelancer writer with no experience?

You can become a freelance writer without experience, but you must identify and polish your skills before starting freelance blogging. For instance, if you want to be a freelance writer, you can create your portfolio of writing samples on a freelance writing website and share that to earn freelance writing jobs.

Regardless of your freelancing aspirations, a strong portfolio increases your probability of landing high-paying jobs. A new freelance blogger needs to understand the level of effort that must be put in before building a solid income.

How to Get Started with Freelance Blogging in 2023

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