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Business Calculators

Web Tools Advisor offers multiple resources to help businesses understand how to best project costs and budget for marketing campaigns. The business calculators below provide a starting point that allows you to project overall project expenses on a broad-based level.

Sales Prospecting Plan Calculator

Whether you have recurring revenue goals, certain requirements to meet annual income goals, or need to plan your sales prospecting strategy, this calculator will help you get started.

VAT Calculator by Country

If you're working within the EU, whether it be purchasing services, equipment, or outsourcing, you'll need to know the Value-added-Tax or VAT.

Emission Calculator

Want to know how much your commute adds to CO2 emissions? Need proof that working from home is just a better option?

The profit and RoAS calculator displays several critical components to help you determine what targets you want to hit and what the likely revenue, profit, and costs to obtain are; all concluding in a return on ad spend calculation for budgeting purposes.

The content service calculator lets you price out multiple types of content and the likely costs incurred to have a copywriter produce them for you. Pricing is broad-based and could vary based on location and specifics.

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