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AutoDS Review – Top Dropshipping Software You Should Consider

If you've been looking for plug-and-play dropshipping software, you've likely come across AutoDS. Should you consider it for your dropshipping business needs? Let's find that out and more in this AutoDS review.

Business owners always look for tools to make their work lives more manageable. Whether they utilize better billing software, find better customer relations management systems, or hire more help, they always aim to increase efficiency.

The goals for dropshippers are no different-they don't enjoy working constantly. However, plenty of high-quality productivity tools make the industry more effortless and profitable.

AutoDS Review - AutoDS homepage

Enter AutoDS, a dropshipping app designed to help dropshippers automate their business, save money, and save time doing what needs to get done. While many eCommerce store owners have sung its praises and how it's addressed their pain points, some may still wonder if it's for them.

Let's find out if AutoDS can elevate your business.

Is AutoDS worth it?

Ease of Use
Supplier Access


AutoDS has arrived and is packed with great features and many educational materials. The support is decent, and the lowest tier price is good, but they don't offer a free plan, which is a bit of a bummer. A huge plus with the vast number of suppliers.


Key Takeaways

In an industry that prospers on how much eCommerce store owners can automate, AutoDS is a dropshipping app that businesses should consider. With its easy-to-use automation tools, advanced tools, and customer support team, it's hard to find any other apps this competitive.

However, you need to consider a few key points to understand how AutoDS fits into the industry.

Web Tools Advisor Infographic - AutoDS review key takeaways
  • Automated Dropshipping – Lauded as a cloud-based app for dropshipping automation, AutoDS allows dropshippers to keep suppliers in check, manage orders and payments, sync store inventory from several suppliers, and more.
  • Flexible Product Sourcing – With AutoDS, dropshippers can source products from multiple suppliers and dropship directly from them. At the same time, many other platforms don't dropship with companies like Costco, Walmart, AliExpress, or Home Depot.
  • Cost-Effective – AutoDS is a cost-effective dropshipping platform. Not only is the basic plan free, but the plans are still reasonably priced for companies of all sizes.
  • Support Team – The AutoDS team is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive online and on the phone. Whether dropshippers have questions about their products or need help, the AutoDS team is there.

What is AutoDS?

AutoDS is a cloud-based dropshipping automation app designed to help dropshippers streamline their business processes and increase sales. In short, dropshippers can set up or upgrade their current eCommerce stores to genuinely automated storefronts.

In addition, AutoDS simplifies order tracking, communication management, and canceling or returning orders to your dropshipping stores. It's the perfect solution for streamlining essential but time-consuming tasks.

Web Tools Advisor Infographic - What is AutoDS?

This platform provides a comprehensive dashboard to follow your performance, get customer support, track hourly prices, obtain current product data, and have the ability to oversee multiple businesses. Plus, you can get personalized affiliate links through the AutoDS Dashboard.

How is the AutoDS Dropshipping Tool Different?

At AutoDS, they created a comprehensive solution for dropshippers that will help them streamline their business operations – from product research to order automation. Their mission is to make it easier than ever for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry.

One of the most important features is their automated dropshipping tool, which allows dropshippers to automate their business and do critical tasks.

With this dropshipping tool, the automated system can easily track your supplier's availability and prices in real-time, ensuring dropshippers have the latest information.

Let's discuss why users would be interested in this dropshipping software.

AutoDS Review – Key Features for Your Dropshipping Business

Benefits of AutoDS product research tools

AutoDS is the perfect all-in-one tool for dropshipping, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business effortlessly. Let's dig deeper to understand some of the platform's best highlights.

Product Research Tools

Want to maximize efficiency and make your dropshipping business thrive? The Product Research Tool is the answer– it's a powerful tool that helps you quickly find, source, analyze, and import products.

Dropshippers who leverage this service can save time on tedious tasks such as product testing or research. In addition, new users can research smarter and faster.

AutoDS product research tools

This ultimate all-in-one solution allows for maximum effectiveness so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

With the Product Research Tool, dropshippers can:

  • Find trending products – Stay on top of dropshipping trends and find the best products to dropship in real time.
  • Get the full overview – The complete profile includes product specifications, images, descriptions, and prices.
  • Increase profits – Use the profit calculator to determine gains and optimize dropshipping operations.
  • High-quality search filter – Utilize the powerful filter to search dropshipping products by price, category, supplier, ratings, reviews, and more.

Automatic Orders

Setting up your automatic order feature is almost as easy as flipping a switch–dropshippers can now save time with fewer manual tasks and have more control over their dropshipping business.

In addition, you can effortlessly manage orders from all your suppliers, update tracking info, and more. By using this tool – you can save time while ensuring customer satisfaction.

AutoDS sign-in
  1. Register your store by email or your Google account to set up the store. Link your favorite eCommerce store and then enter your Buyer Accounts. Go to Settings, then click Buyer Accounts on the dashboard. Fill in your buyer information, adjust any settings, and then choose Add.
  2. Dropshippers can enable Automatic Orders on their paid subscriptions by going to Settings and then Plans & Add-ons. The Orders Processor needs to be enabled for automatic ordering to work.
  3. Once you receive an order, it will appear on the orders page. Their system handles everything from your supplier to your buyer.
  4. AutoDS automatically updates tracking numbers. So when your supplier has new information, AutoDS quickly obtains it and applies it to customers' orders. Moreover, the order status will automatically transition from Ordered to Shipped.
Automation visual

Dropshippers should remember that automatic ordering works by consuming credits. Each order will consume a credit; you can adjust the automation settings in your dashboard not to exceed a specific order limit or pricing limit, but it resets back after 24 hours.

Every AutoDS account gets five free credits to try out before buying them. The more you buy, the more affordable the credits become; for instance, you can get 250 credits for $79 or 500 credits for $129, and so on.

Dropshippers can also enjoy additional features like:

  • Multiple buyer account support
  • A coupon grabber
  • Account lock protection
  • Supplier support
  • Automatic tracking number updates
AutoDS products importer credits screen

Products Importer

The Product Importer tool will revolutionize your dropshipping process: with just a few clicks, you can import single products and bulk groups onto your platform. Scheduled importers make the task even more efficient.

Save time by importing millions of items from 25 suppliers – no need to worry about tedious manual labor.

Furthermore, the product importer instantly alerts you when it detects copyrighted products. The process of importing products is relatively simple; store owners can start by creating their product list.

AutoDS products importer screen 2
  1. Pick your products, then you can import products individually, in bulk, or by exporting a CSV. Use the Product Importer by adding the product URL, a CSV file, or the ID number.
  2. Dropshippers can optimize their product pages by using AutoDS' various tools. Adding relevant tags and including optimized product descriptions, dropshippers will improve their dropshipping business' visibility on search engines.
  3. Store owners can also configure product settings to their preferences by setting the desired profit settings, item tags, dynamic pricing, and more.

Like Automatic Orders, the Product Importer has an automation option where the AutoDS Finder can source ideal products for your store using a credit system.

Add products in AutoDS

Price & Stock Monitoring

The feature is designed with one goal in mind: to maximize your profits. AutoDS automates all of the monitoring processes associated with that, allowing you to conserve money while simultaneously optimizing your prices for growth.

This platform includes the following features:

  • 24/7 Price Monitoring – Always on for any pricing needs.
  • Stock Monitoring – Establish the lowest amount of product and maximum shipping days to ensure your products are never out of stock.
  • Compare Price – Make your products stand out with a price slasher, showing customers how much they can save.
  • Break-Even Calculator – Utilize this calculator to total all your fees and determine the break-even point for each supplier.

Automated Price Optimization

By leveraging pricing optimization, you can quickly achieve a higher profit margin thanks to its automated process of increasing prices for best-selling items and decreasing them for those that aren't moving.

AutoDS - automated price optimization feature

Here's how to make the Automatic Pricing Automation work properly:

  1. Start by going to Settings, click the Automations tab, and choose Add Automations. Next, you'll need to select the Automation type or the Sales Base Pricing from here. After that, you can configure your settings.
  2. Enable the Raise Price Based on Sales Performance option and set the appropriate parameters for your store.
  3. Finally, you'll want to enable the Decrease Price Based on Sales Performance feature. You'll have to specify the number of days, weeks, or months without a sale before the automation adjusts the price.

Fulfilled by AutoDS

Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience like Amazon, AliExpress, Home Depot, and Walmart. Best of all? You won't have to worry about returns either – it's just one click away.

To enable it, you'll need to:

AutoDS fulfillment settings
  • First, enable the Order Processor on your account.
  • Click on Settings, Store Settings, and then go to the Orders tab.
AutoDS store settings
  • In Order Settings, click the check mark for Fulfilled by AutoDS.
AutoDS order settings
  • Ensure you have enough Auto-order credits.
  • Load your balance using PayPal or Payoneer so AutoDS can fulfill your orders.

After following those steps, fulfillment is enabled and can operate effectively. Fortunately, this feature can help eCommerce stores scale their businesses quickly because AutoDS fulfills orders as soon as they enter the system.

Inventory Management

With AutoDS, you'll save valuable time and money while maintaining an accurate stock overview of all your products – no matter the size of your inventory. This incredible system will have every item in check with efficient speed so that you can spend more time in other business areas.

Some of its key features are:

  • The single and bulk editing options
  • Multiple store support for expanding stores
  • Adjustable search filters

Performance Statistics & Analysis

Once you establish your dropshipping business, you must track your performance and analyze the results. AutoDS provides powerful Analytics & Statistics features on the main dashboard, allowing dropshippers to see their store's statistics and overall performance.

Dropshippers can see statistics like:

  • Profit
  • Orders
  • Total Revenue
  • New Products
AutoDS performance dashboard

The dashboard is customizable, so you can adjust the KPI overview on the dashboard and adjust the timeframe.

AutoDS Review – Pricing

It doesn't matter what supplier you pick; there are three main plans. A fourth option extends the Advanced Plan for stores needing flexibility and customization.

AutoDS review - AutoDS pricing plans
  • Import 200 Plan – the basic automation plan that allows 200 products from the Product Importer, the Product Research tool, one store integration, draft and order manager, product variation support, insight dashboard, overview dashboard, Automated orders, Fulfilled by AutoDS, 24/7 support, and more.
  • The Starter 400 Plan – a full-scale automation plan that includes everything from the Import Plan plus 400 products from the Product Importer, unlimited store integrations, bulk product importing, AutoDS Finder, Automatic Price Optimization, Scheduled Uploads, and more.
  • The Advanced 800 Plan – includes everything in the Starter plan plus 800 products from the Product Importer, VIP Live Chat support, and VIP support tickets.
  • Advanced (Custom) Plan – includes everything from the Starter plan, but businesses can choose from 2,000-10,000 products.

Dropshippers can customize their stores further by using add-ons. By adding these additional tools like the auto-ordering system, Virtual Assistant Access, and the Mentor Program, dropshippers can get even more out of their business.

AutoDS purchasable addons

AutoDS – Integrations

AutoDS integrates with some of the most trusted dropshipping platforms to furnish a great experience.

The tools they provide are:

  • Shopify – With the Shopify integration, you can streamline your operations and free up time to focus on what matters most with AutoDS. Automation made simple – the SaaS platform can take care of the tedious tasks so you can maximize profits and success in your business.
  • eBay – AutoDS can transform your eBay dropshipping experience with the most advanced tools in the industry. Find products quickly and easily, keep track of bids, prices, and stock levels, optimize pricing automatically, and take orders without lifting a finger – it's in one powerful solution.
  • WooCommerce – Dropshippers can streamline their operations on global marketplaces easily with AutoDS. Automate product listings, editing, image optimization, customer orders and pricing, and stock monitoring from over 25 suppliers – all at once.
  • Facebook – The integration gives store owners the power to leverage AutoDS and connect your Facebook Shop, allowing you to experience effortless dropshipping automation. You can easily monitor prices & stock levels, automate product pricing decisions, and quickly import new products.
  • Wix – Dropshippers can unlock many possibilities with AutoDS – the all-in-one dropshipping application for Wix businesses. Streamline your processes and free up daily hours, unlocking the remarkable potential to increase profits.

AutoDS Review – Suppliers

AutoDS makes dropshipping more accessible than ever before with its extensive supplier database. You can choose from dropship giants such as AliExpress, DHgate, eBay, and more. All dropshipping orders are handled efficiently with the automatic order fulfillment system. Add new products to your store with a simple click and provide lightning-fast shipping for your customers.

AutoDS suppliers list

If you need to find suitable suppliers based in your area, AutoDS makes it easy to filter by the warehouse location in your country.

AutoDS Review – Customer Service

AutoDS puts dropshippers in the driver’s seat with a top-notch support system. On top of their world-class dropshipping tools, they continually strive to help dropshippers get the most out of the app.

The AutoDS team researches new ways to ensure users have the best experience. In addition, the SaaS company has created a vast network of resources based on feedback from its amazing customers.

Chrome Extension

Dropshippers have the opportunity to leverage the power of Chrome with AutoDS Helper Extension. This tool allows dropshippers to access the app quickly without leaving the browser. With the integration, dropshippers can quickly add new products to their stores, manage existing inventory without delay, place orders quickly, and access resources conveniently.

The extension is ideal for virtual assistants and dropshippers who need to access the software from any device. AutoDS has created video tutorials to help dropshippers get the most out of the extension. There's a separate video for ordering and an item grabber.

Webinars & Courses

There are multiple webinars and courses in the resource center. Users can access these courses for free, learn dropshipping strategies and automation tools, and seek help and support from the customer support team.

The courses are filled with dropshipping automation strategies, tips & tricks, and success stories.

AutoDS courses

These courses are supplier-specific (eBay, Shopify, etc.) and are intended to help new users optimize their dropshipping stores. Each class has a set amount of lessons and comes as a package.

The costs vary from $97 to $497, but as of the end of January 2023, they were running a Free promotion for dropshippers.

Mentorship Program

Dropshippers who join AutoDS can utilize the Mentor Program. After registering, businesses can jumpstart their journeys to success with the help of a specialized 1-on-1 mentor.

They have carefully chosen some of the most successful dropshippers to serve as mentors for the AutoDS family. The mentor's opinion matters and they graciously provide their valuable knowledge so everyone can benefit from their experience. Additionally, these individuals have been trained by AutoDS and deeply understand the industry.

AutoDS dropshippers can join the program to help create an effective strategy by paying $39.90 monthly. Still, they have a free trial for anyone interested in trying them out.

Help Center

In addition to the courses, webinars, and the Mentor Program, dropshippers can also access the Help Center. This feature provides resources, quick-start guides, dropship strategies, success stories, dropship tips & tricks, and other related content.

AutoDS resources

The Help Center is continuously updated with articles, video tutorials, podcasts, eBooks, and helpful tools. Podcasts can be found on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. The dropshippers can send a message to live support from the chat service 24/7 for any related queries.

AutoDS Alternatives

Suppose automation isn't your forte, or you don't want to pay the extra fees to use the automation in AutoDS. In that case, there are other dropshippers with automation available.

Some of the best AutoDS alternatives include:


DSers alternative

2023 Dropshipping App Rating: 4.3/5 Stars | 2023 WTA App Rank: #3 (international)

While the platform doesn't offer as many integrations as AutoDS, dropshippers looking for an alternative with automation should consider DSers. DSers is a dropship automation tool based out of China with automated order fulfillment and inventory monitoring. Unlike AutoDS, DSers has a free plan for dropshippers looking for basic automation features.

They partner exclusively with AliExpress, and dropshippers can get more value from the platform with the Admitad affiliate program. If you compare the platforms, they have many of the same integrations; however, DSers has a much cheaper plan structure and offers higher product limits.

Read our complete DSers review for more information on this top dropshipping app.


Spocket alternative

2023 Dropshipping App Rating: 4.8/5 Stars | 2023 WTA App Rank: #1

Another alternative to AutoDS is Spocket. The dropship automation software helps dropshippers automate their dropshipping business. It's similar to AutoDS because it has dropship automation features such as real-time inventory management and automated dropshipping alerts.

Spocket also has more integrations than AutoDS, allows product sampling, and seems to pursue more product quality control for dropshippers. The app also has a free plan, making it ideal for dropshippers on a budget, while AutoDS does not. Though many of Sprocket's best features are locked in high-tier plans, AutoDS' main appeal requires potentially expensive add-ons that could keep dropshippers from enjoying its best qualities.

Read our complete Spocket review for more information on this top dropshipping app.


Wholesle2B alternative

2023 Dropshipping App Rating: 4.4/5 Stars | 2023 WTA App Rank: #3

Dropshippers looking for a dropship automation alternative to AutoDS should consider Wholesale2B. This dropshipping app helps companies automate their processes. The automation abilities of Wholesale2B aren't as sophisticated as AutoDS. However, dropshippers will still find helpful tools such as inventory tracking, order fulfillment automation, product catalogs, and more integrations than AutoDS.

Businesses will find products from Amazon, Weebly, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wish, Facebook, and eBay. Dropshippers can build their eCommerce website from scratch with the Dropship Webstore plan. In addition, pricing is more affordable on Wholesale2B than AutoDS because dropshippers can sign up for a free membership and only pay for their required features.

Read our complete Wholesale2B review for more information on this top dropshipping app.

AutoDS Review Wrap-up

Automation is beneficial for dropshippers – but only if used correctly. AutoDS is a dropshipping automation software with many benefits, including dropship automation, product research and analysis, scalable dropshipping solutions, an exceptional customer service team available 24/7, and more.

With dynamic pricing, stock monitoring, and competitive prices on its side – not to mention a host of automation features that outdo the majority of dropshipping platforms – it's no wonder this service is sought-after.

Is automation always a good idea infographic on Web Tools Advisor

In a way, dropshippers can just let the store automate itself. Still, it seems that AutoDS is more focused on automating its platform than determining product quality or making its features affordable.

AutoDS is ideal for brands that want to keep expanding their dropshipping business. The cloud-based app is a proper automation tool and is helpful for those who want to ensure everything is automated and running efficiently.

AutoDS Review – Top Dropshipping Software You Should Consider

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