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Do You Want to Dropship on Google? It’s Now Possible with Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B just released some significant news that is worth sharing. They are launching a new dropshipping plan for dropshipping on Google. Yes, you heard it correctly! You will now be able to dropship on Google.

Here is what we currently know about Wholesale2B's new dropship plan.

It's called Google for Retail

Dropshipping on Google through Google for Retail.

Advantages of Google for Retail

Connect with shoppers anywhere the shop – Google Search, YouTube, Google Assistant, Maps, and more.

Build your brand while driving sales – Customers can find your products and complete the purchase on Google. The orders then get sent to Wholesale2B, who takes care of the rest.

Regardless of size – Google has a solution to fit all types and sized businesses. Integrated insights, campaign management, and reporting make selling easier, keeping tabs on competitors and finding growth opportunities without spending more money.

Get Started w/ Google Retail by signing up for a free account today.

Wholesale2B announces the new dropship program "Dropship on Google"

From Wholesale2B directly, here is what you can expect with the new Google for Retail dropshipping plan.

Dropshipping on Google will be free to sign up for; no credit card is required.

The ability to dropship on Google comes with the massive advantage of Google Ads, seamlessly integrated with your Google Retail store. You can run ad campaigns from the Google Display Network, your Google Shopping Ads Account through the Google Merchant Center, and Google Search.

We're not sure about this, but Wholesale2B claims it will remove your organic traffic worries, as Google promotes you in its business listings and search results. This will certainly be the case with product ads and searches for specific products.

Wholesale2B website showing the 4 steps to dropship using Google.

You will have access to over 100 dropshippers within the Wholesale2B network across multiple product categories.

You can integrate your dropshipping products into Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Maps Ads, and Google Analytics. This is a real game-changer for running a Google Ads campaign and showing up in Google search results.

Through this program, you will enable customers to complete their purchase right at the point of contact, on and across Google search and other Google products. And even implement payment through Google Pay.

Web Tools Advisor's Take on Dropshipping Using Google

Wholeale2B navigation doesn't yet show the new dropshipping integration or service.

It's very early, as this announcement was just made today, and our attempt to access additional details was limited to a single page on the Wholesale2B website. Even the main menu does not mention a dropshipping plan for dropshipping using Google.

We will keep updating this as new information unfolds. We expect other dropshipping companies to follow with their own integrations into Google rather quickly.

If this is true, this will completely change the game for starting a dropshipping business model. As Google accounts for such a high volume of daily searches, it would seemingly set up anyone who is an early adopter for much success.

How to Take Advantage of Dropshipping on Google

First, you'll want to set up your Free Wholesale2B account today!

Start your dropshipping business research to determine what categories you might sell and pick a dropshipping plan within Wholesale2B so you can connect it with Google. You'll be able to import the Wholesale2B CSV directly into your Google Retail store and start selling, harnessing the power of Google.

Once connected, and even before, you can get your Google services set up, so you are ready.

Here is what you'll want to set up:

  1. Google Ads Account – Right now, Google is offering $500 when you spend $500 if you are new to the Google Ads platform. Access Google Ads >>
  2. Google Merchant Center Account – You'll want to get a Google Merchant Center account set up so you can run Google shopping ads. Without the connection, you won't be able to run shopping ads. Access Google Merchant Center >>
  3. YouTube – If you don't have a YouTube account, you'll want to get that set up and connect that to your Google Ads account. Access YouTube >>

Tell us how you faired in the comments, and bookmark this page for updates as they unfold. Happy New Year!!

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Do You Want to Dropship on Google? It's Now Possible with Wholesale2B

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