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Sell The Trend Review (2023) – A Source for Dropshipping Domination

When eCommerce business owners start their dropshipping stores, they dream of success. But getting there is often a long journey of trial and error. That’s where Sell The Trend comes in: their innovative tools and platform allow anyone to make money with dropshipping easily.

Sell The Trend can make it much easier for those new to the industry or who don’t have the time to manually research for winning products and create an effective strategy. Sell The Trend doesn't have complete store automation like AutoDS or DSers, but a fully developed research and fulfillment process with unique features, unlike its competitors.

In addition, with access to their powerful search engine and data technology, entrepreneurs can quickly find profitable products trending in the market.

The platform also provides helpful insights into competitor trends, allowing users to stay one step ahead of the competition – all while ensuring they don't miss out on any money-making opportunities.

Sell The Trend is an online platform to help you gain traction quickly and dominate your dropshipping niche. This Sell The Trend review will see if the platform lives up to the hype.

Is Sell The Trend worth it?

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Ease of Use
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Sell The Trend is an up-and-comer in the dropshipping automation software space. Renowned for their product research tools, they have launched a full suite of automation tools and integration with the top platforms. With multiple pricing tiers and excellent support, a real threat for the top spot in the next few years.


What is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend earned fame for its NEXUS tool. The NEXUS is an AI-driven product research feature that adds thousands of popular and trending items to any store. It originally began as a standalone product research tool designed to assist dropshippers in discovering the hottest products from various marketplaces.

Sell The Trend has made a stunning transformation since then, becoming an all-inclusive dropshipping platform that allows you to conduct product and competitor research, set up Facebook and Instagram targeting, one-click order fulfillment, Ad tracking, plus video ad creation.

It also gives eCommerce businesses access to a robust database that tracks what is trending on Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify stores.

One of the most impressive features of Sell The Trend is its easy-to-use dashboard. It provides an overview of the current market and allows entrepreneurs to find potential store items quickly.

The platform also offers a variety of analytics to help you make informed decisions.

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Sell The Trend Review – Key Takeaways

Sell The Trend was designed to assist people in discovering profitable dropship products. It collects data by assessing popular items on Amazon and analyzing sales records from top-performing Shopify and AliExpress stores.

However, the tool does much more than find hot ticket items. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to help entrepreneurs succeed in eCommerce.

  • Discover hot and trending products – Search thousands of products from Amazon and AliExpress without ever leaving the platform.
  • A.I. Store Intelligence feature – Dropshippers can get an overview of the current market and identify potential store items.
  • Quick Dropshipping Store – Create a fully functioning online store in minutes.
  • Sell products in trending online marketplaces – List items in popular marketplaces like Shopify, AliExpress, Facebook, and Amazon.

Sell The Trend Shops – Setup Your Dropshipping Business in Five Minutes

Sell The Trend used to focus on helping entrepreneurs find the hottest products and list them in popular online marketplaces with their robust product research tools.

Now, they offer an impressive suite of features that allow users to quickly start and run their dropshipping stores thanks to their Sell The Trend Shops.

The platform is straightforward; entrepreneurs can create a fully functional store in about five minutes.

How Does Sell The Trend Work?

This platform offers its users the invaluable opportunity to sift through thousands of up-and-coming products from some of the most popular Shopify stores. Additionally, you can access items rapidly trending on AliExpress, Amazon, CJDropshipping, and Shopify!

With this technology at your fingertips, analyzing which items are worth investing in is easier than ever. Many users have commented on the product research tool rather than praising its many store tools. Let's discuss how to succeed using the Sell The Trend store tools.

Sell The Trend Shop Tools

If you're looking for an all-inclusive platform to create your eCommerce store with little effort, then Sell The Trend Shops is the way to go. New users can have their stores online and set up within five minutes – and we invite you to put it to the test yourself.

With everything integrated, from product research through the innovative product import feature – this isn't just another marketing gimmick.

NEXUS Product research tool

NEXUS is the star feature of Sell The Trend, and you will be astonished by how much data it aggregates for every product in its library. With this dropshipping product research tool, entrepreneurs can make data-based decisions about which items to sell and how to price them.

Also, with its many different product research tools like Store Intelligence Tool, Facebook Audience Builder, and Video Ad Creation feature, users can easily track their promotions and optimize them to increase sales (more on these tools later).

We randomly opened a product page to get an idea of what information NEXUS provides, and here's what we discovered:

  • Product cost
  • Profit margin
  • Product selling price
  • The number of stores (Shopify and AliExpress) selling the product
  • Number of product orders within the month
  • The date/time the product was first added and last added to a Shopify store

Store owners can also get a timeline of the product's importing history – a comprehensive list of all the stores that have added this product to their shop.

Sellers also get more product insights, a competition meter rating, the top countries where the product sells, the best-selling stores, the best-rated suppliers, and Facebook Targeting data.

Video Ads Creator

With this revolutionary tool, you can easily craft videos featuring hot products. With a few clicks of the mouse, all elements are immediately taken care of – no searching for narration or photos necessary. Furthermore, sellers can find downloadable videos of each product in the NEXUS product tool.

From there, anyone can add their elements to the video to put their spin on it.

All that's required is entering an item’s URL to pull its information automatically – then you become the mastermind behind it. Add text and images as desired, customize the color style, and pick music; be in control until you finish editing to download your product videos.

Facebook Audience Builder

You no longer need to speculate when building a custom audience on Facebook – let this tool construct it for you. You can choose your category or pick from the many popular audiences available while also using it as an effective research tool.

Once you have chosen your desired audience, click the button to watch as it creates that demographic. Find new audiences based on interests, magazines, jobs, and public figures within moments. Access to this tool is included in the mid-tier and high-tier plans.

Engagement Calculator

Are you an eCommerce seller looking for that competitive edge? Sell the Trend has all the tools you need to remain at the top of your dropshipping niche. However, marketing doesn't have to be limited to one platform, and often your efforts are more successful if you diversify your target audience.

Additionally, using Instagram influencers to market your products is one of the most effective tactics used in e-Commerce today – and now it's easier than ever with their Engagement Rating Calculator.

This helpful tool allows you to quickly sort through influencers on both Twitter and Instagram, determining who will be most beneficial in helping increase sales.

Store Intelligence (The Spy Tool)

Dropshipping business owners often want to know what their competition is doing, so they can provide a better service or do something completely different. With the Store Intelligence feature, sellers get a report showing data from other stores.

With this valuable advantage, sellers get clear information to help them decide how to be a more intelligent competitor.

The tool lets dropshippers “spy” on their competition by pasting their store URL into the search bar to gain valuable insights such as average product prices, traffic, estimated monthly revenue, and order amounts.

What other third-party dropshipping platform lets you look into your competition?

Sell The Trend Key Features

Automate Your Own Dropshipping Business

Like most other dropshipping platforms, Sell The Trend has several automation features built into its framework. For instance, users can use its automated order fulfillment system that captures new orders and sends them directly to the supplier.

The platform is a complete dropshipping solution offering an automated product importation system, which allows users to pull their suppliers' inventory into their store effortlessly. Let's find out what sets this tool apart from the others.

The Product Research Tools (Nexus Product Research Machine)

With the NEXUS research tools, you can experience a broad array of sorting and filtering options that narrow your product research time. You can continuously refine your search with the NEXUS filters for desired results, whether from higher ticket items, products at lower prices, or even a specific rating level.

In addition, sell The Trend has created a flexible system that discourages manual research methods and lets you sort by:

  • Niche
  • Category
  • Price
  • U.S. Dropshippers

Furthermore, you can break down your searches by different types of explorers. With NEXUS Explorer, you can refine your search and find precisely what you're looking for with various supplier filters.

Need to pick a particular product based on its cost, star rating, product type, or relevance? You've got options!

From popularity to sales numbers – the sky's the limit when narrowing down your results efficiently. Though too many choices exist to list them all here, dropshippers frequently make use of the following most utilized sorting and filtering tools for their store:

  • Shopify Explorer
  • AliExpress Explorer
  • CJDropshipping Explorer
  • Amazon Explorer

Let's get below the surface level and describe the explorers in detail.

AliExpress Product Explorer

The NEXUS product research tool can search and provide data on several marketplaces, including AliExpress and CJDropshipping. If you're running a dropshipping store and want access to trending products, AliExpress is an essential tool.

The daily product updates make it easier to stay informed about what's selling like hotcakes.

Not only will this save you plenty of time and effort in the long run – but it'll also help maximize your profits with up-to-date information on trending products.

Track your performance with trend point charts, organize products based on their niche, and identify which ones have the most buying excitement.

Dropshippers can easily detect the most popular products and take action immediately by adding them to their store using AliExpress Explorer. Additionally, numerous tools provide an advantage over competitors.

These tools are essential for discovering new items you won't want to miss out on testing. They include:

  • New Stars – the software will uncover “Hidden Gems” that are quickly gaining traction and could be lucrative opportunities.
  • Favorites – looking for an item not listed in the Sell The Trend library? Insert its URL into this tool, and it will begin tracking it immediately – so you don't have to worry about missing out on any of your go-to items.

CJDropshipping Product Explorer

CJDropshipping provides a convenient and effective way to drop ship from an array of sellers, including Shopify, eBay, Lazada, BigCommerce, and more.

This Sell The Trend feature allows you to explore potentially profitable products with their proprietary Real Trends Chart tool.

Furthermore, sorting by “Daily List: Most Increase” will reveal which items have recently been added to multiple stores overnight – thus presenting an opportunity for profiting off these winning products.

Hot products aren't difficult to find if you learn how to use Sell The Trends research tools effectively.

Shopify Product Explorer

Once you integrate your Shopify store, you can use the additional Shopify features in the NEXUS research tool. For example, the Shopify Products Explorer exposes every item that Sell The Trend is monitoring.

For each product, it provides traffic information and the amount the store spends per month on apps and other fixed costs.

As a general rule of thumb: if online stores are investing more money in their products, chances are they're making some serious profits. So it's wise to consider what hot products they are promoting.

Amazon Product Explorer

The Amazon Explorer functions similarly to the AliExpress Explorer. However, it is based on product rankings instead of products sold. Unlike the Shopify addition, the Amazon product explorer is included with your plan, which requires a Shopify account and a paid app subscription for Sell The Trend.

One-Click Push to Online Store

Like most dropshipping options, Sell The Trend simplifies adding the best products to your store. Unearthing just the right products is only half the journey; adding them to your store presents new obstacles. You can quickly and easily add trending products to your store with just one mouse click.

This tool also ensures that each page is tailored to help convert customers. With their built-in importer tool, it's never been easier to start selling the trend.

Dropshipping Supplier Database

With Sell The Trend, 1,200 dependable and reputable suppliers in the U.S. and overseas are rated based on delivery speed, product quality, and communication proficiency.

As a result, sellers can unlock the seemingly limitless potential of their immense database, which contains 7 Million+ products and is host to only the most reliable vendors.

With the A.I. Supplier List, you can find precisely what you need with an integrated price comparison system that assists in locating the best cost, shipping, and rating for any product available. In other words, filling your dropship store with winning products couldn't be easier.

Automated Order Fulfillment

With features similar to DSers, Sell The Trend uses click order fulfillment, one of the best features of Sell The Trend and a real game-changer. With this powerful dropshipping tool, you can ship multiple orders with a single click – making your life easier.

In addition, with Sell The Trend's one-click order fulfillment feature, you can effortlessly input and automatically get the customer's shipping address, number, and other details.

This makes drop shipping simpler than ever before – ideal for those who don't want to put any wasted effort into order management and be able to focus elsewhere. With Sell The Trend, you're equipped with a comprehensive dropshipping toolkit.

Shipping Fulfillment

Boost shipping times by ordering products from suppliers that have local warehouses. Then, when you access the system, you can acquire items with expedited delivery speeds so your customers get their orders quickly.

Generally, this service is only available domestically; for example, shipments are made within the United States but not to Canada or other countries. This way, it's possible to guarantee fast and reliable fulfillment of all your customer orders.

Sell The Trend Success Academy

Sell The Trend provides you access to their dropshipping course and grants admittance into the Success Academy. Even though it isn't an extensive program, it encompasses all the fundamentals for launching and managing your online store.

Their academy offers a comprehensive array of topics that include:

  • Store Creation & Setup
  • Store Business Setup
  • Adding Products
  • Facebook Ad Creation
  • Day-to-Day Dropshipping Store Management
  • Instagram & Influencer Marketing
  • And more!

Sell The Trend's success academy also has some Facebook Ad training. There have been minor complaints about the videos and tutorials within the resource. Due to the evolving interface, some videos are extremely outdated, but that's an easy fix.

Sell The Trend Integrations

Sell The Trend can integrate with AliExpress, CJDropshipping, WooCommerce, and Shopify. The integration process is relatively easy, with pre-made templates tailored to your customized store design.

However, aside from those, there's no automated or direct integration with other popular third-party marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

Sell The Trend Pricing

To keep things simple, Sell The Trend offers three pricing plans. Like other dropshipping platforms, each plan offers more value and access to the cloud-based software's best features.

Sellers can access these plans with either monthly or annual pricing or save approximately 10%.

Lite Plan

The Lite plan is Sell The Trend's basic plan for a monthly price point of $59.97; depending on when you sign up, there may be a pricing deal. Yearly pricing typically saves sellers two months of premiums a year.

With this plan, you can access a supplier database, the 1-click push of 500 winning products, and basic store customization options; dropshippers cannot access the NEXUS product research or other store intelligence tools with this plan.

In fact, many of the AI and automation tools aren't accessible with this plan; however, Lite plan members can use the Chrome extension, 24/7 support, the dropshipping course, and product explorer base features.

Essential Plan

The Essential plan is a great value and allows dropshippers to grow their store from the ground up. You get full access to Sell The Trends features for a monthly price point of $99.97 or a slight discount of $97 a month for an annual plan.

In addition, store owners can push 5,000 products to their store, connect three stores on one account, and have two Sell The Trend shops.

Dropshippers can also access the platform's full research automation and marketing benefits. At the same time, if you're working with a partner, this is the best plan for two additional staff accounts.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan includes all of Sell The Trends features plus a few increases to businesses that need to expand as they grow. Dropshippers with this plan can have three Sell the Trend shops, unlimited product pushes, and up to 10 different stores on one account.

Members can also have up to four staff accounts and monitor unlimited products.

With this plan, you can utilize the platform's data and gain an edge on every product your competition sells. Membership for this plan starts at $249.97 a month or two months free for the annual upgrade.

This plan isn't for everyone, as some may find they don't require the additional capacity or if you're an individual store owner.

Sell The Trend Review – STT Affiliate Program

Most brands offer an affiliate program, and Sell The Trend is no exception. However, most eCommerce brands aren't offering a 30% monthly commission per sale.

However, with their Basic, Essential, and Pro plans, members can earn commission from customers they get to sign up with through their affiliate link.

To sign up for the affiliate program, dropshippers need to:

  • Sign up for the affiliate link
  • Receive their unique referral link
  • Get customers to sign up

It's that easy. Once the customer purchases, the commission is credited to your account. Commissions are paid monthly for up to a year if your signups remain members for the entire year. Through the affiliate program, sellers get the opportunity to:

  • Unlock the potential to secure thousands of dollars in recurring commissions.
  • Utilize cost-free retargeting ads to attract customers who left their site without purchasing the service.
  • Seize the opportunity to transform their future with ready-made promotional materials such as website banners and personalized links that they can share on their lists or amongst friends – all while earning thousands of dollars in recurring commissions.
  • Reap the rewards of their hard work with monthly commission payouts through PayPal.

With cookies lasting 30 days, they won't have to worry about missing out on sales opportunities.

Sell The Trend Review – Help & Support

Sell The Trend offers customer support for all of its members. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced dropshipper, the team is here to help. Typically sellers can put in a ticket and get assistance or use the automated chatbot to help.

Dropshippers can also request to speak to a live agent during regular business hours. Sell The Trend also provides tutorial videos on how to use their platform and their Dropshipping Academy blog, which is full of tips and tricks on dropshipping.

For those who need help with something outside of the platform, Sell The Trend can refer members to a dropshipping coach who works with them.

This is one of the best ways to help members get the most out of their platform. In addition, this would be an ideal option for those who want exclusive advice on how to learn about dropshipping.

However, coaching services aren't free and may require a significant investment.

Dropshipping Resources

Sell The Trend offers other help resources beyond chatbots, live support, and ticketing support. They have a private Facebook group for eCommerce entrepreneurs to discuss things, blogs, articles, eBooks, courses, and FAQs.

Blogs & Articles

In addition to their Dropshipping Academy blog, Sell The Trend has many targeted articles and resources to help dropshippers get the most out of the platform. Whether you need advice on setting up your store, finding winning products, or optimizing marketing campaigns, Sell The Trend has it all.

eBooks & Free Dropshipping Course

Looking to expand your dropshipping knowledge even further? Sell The Trend has a range of eBooks and a free dropshipping course that could help you expand past the basics and learn expert tactics to become more successful.

These resources will teach you everything from finding winning products to scaling your business quickly and maximizing profits.


The Sell The Trend website has a comprehensive list of common questions. Whether you have a question about their affiliate program, dropshipping course, or anything related to setting up a dropshipping store, it will likely be answered in the FAQs. In addition, dropshippers can suggest more FAQs for the team to add.

Sell The Trend Review – Alternatives

As with any dropshipping platform, there are always alternative options to consider. Popular alternatives that dropshippers may want to research include SaleHoo, Zendrop, and Thieve.


Sell the Trend and SaleHoo are similar in many aspects. SaleHoo is mainly a directory of wholesale suppliers for retailers. It also offers a selection of tools to help sellers find winning products, such as a product search engine.

Shipping optimization is easy to manage between the two platforms. SaleHoo even offers similar helpful resources and training courses; one is the eCommerce Accelerator course.

Read our complete SaleHoo Review to learn more about SaleHoo.


Zendrop is a great alternative for those who want more dropshipping automation within their reach. Zendrop is one of the most customer-first dropshipping platforms available and stacks up well for anyone in the dropshipping business to gain access to top-notch product research, products, and features.

Zendrop offers product automation, automated fulfillment, custom branding, private labeling, subscription boxes, and much more for $49-$79/month and offers a free plan with access to over 1 million products.

Read our complete Zendrop Review to learn more about Zendrop.


WTA Best Dropshipping Products Thieve
WTA Best Dropshipping Products Thieve

This platform is perfect for you if you're overwhelmed by the data that Sell The Trend provides. For anyone looking to source a few winning products with impressive profits each day, Thieve is the ideal solution.

Not only do they provide detailed product research tools inside now so that you can dig deeper into potential products, but they also offer a Chrome Extension to scrape product data. Thieve and Sell The Trend are excellent ways to identify and maximize profits.

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Sell The Trend Review Wrap-up

So, does Sell The Trend deserve your investment? Investing in Sell The Trend is worthwhile. This platform is valuable because dropshippers can use the seamless combination of product research tools and additional features not included in other dropshipping research programs.

Drawing inspiration for your eCommerce business has never been easier – be it what type of products to sell, Facebook Ads examples, or Shopify dropshipping store examples. Sellers get detailed insights into what their competitors are doing so that they can stay ahead of the game. The best part is that you can test their offerings with a free 7-day trial. If you decide not to continue with them, cancel within seven days for free.

Sell The Trend, as it stands, is better for dropshippers who want a bit less automation but still have the data, resources, and necessary features to make their eCommerce journey a breeze. Overall, Sell The Trend is an excellent tool for anyone looking to boost their monthly revenue and dominate their niche competition with winning products.

Sell The Trend Review (2023) – A Source for Dropshipping Domination

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