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Wholesale2B Review – Ready for Dropshipping Business Success?

Let's find out if Wholeaale2B is a critical dropshipping app for 2023 in this comprehensive Wholesale2B review. Is it perfect for your dropshipping needs?

Dropshipping wasn't always the booming business it is today. Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers offering reasonably priced quality products was the most challenging part for many entrepreneurs. If finding suppliers wasn't the problem, then eCommerce businesses couldn't find reliable software to manage their dropshipping business.

Wholesale2B Review - homepage

Since 2004, Wholesale2B has been a comprehensive software platform that simplifies launching and managing a successful dropshipping business. As one of the original dropshipping solutions, Wholesale2B has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch and grow their small businesses.

In addition, it connects eCommerce stores with the top-selling channels, allowing you to browse products and access the most prominent names in the online industry.

Wholesale2B is an app designed to help entrepreneurs start and run a successful dropshipping business, providing access to more than 1.5 million products from over 100 suppliers.

Is Wholesale2B worth it?

Ease of Use
Supplier Access


Zendrop makes a strong case for being the top dropshipping automation app but doesn't offer as many integrations as others. We do like the features and customer support.


Key Takeaways

Wholesale2B is an app designed to help entrepreneurs start and run a successful dropshipping business; despite its age, Onlinestorebiz LLC has ensured it’s kept up with the times. So if you're looking for dropshipping SaaS app to help you manage your store and automate the product fulfillment process, Wholesale2B could be a great fit.

Overall, active Wholesale2B users can expect comprehensive support from their team. Still, after signing up for their service, dropshippers can use the platform's additional benefits, like product automation and order fulfillment features, to their advantage.

Some Key Takeaways include:

  • Huge supply chain – Wholesale2B has a wide range of dropshipping suppliers, giving entrepreneurs access to over 1.5 million products from over 100 sources.
  • Low prices – As a dropshipper, you may be more concerned with your profit margins than anyone else; the platform has some of the lowest product prices from its partners.
  • High-quality selling channels – Wholesale2B links your store with some of the biggest names in eCommerce, like Amazon and eBay. This means you can access an already established customer base to increase sales.
  • Automation – With automated inventory management, product catalog updates, and order fulfillment, Wholesale2B takes much of the tedious work out of the equation.
  • Web hosting access – If you're brand new to the game, Wholesale2B can set you up with a new domain, website, and email address for a relatively affordable price.

Why Wholesale2B for Dropshipping?

For 18 years, Wholesale2B has been a reliable platform for dropshipping entrepreneurs. With features like automated product updates, price optimization, and order fulfillment, it's easy to see why many entrepreneurs trust the company for their needs and has a good overall rating.

Neil Patel promoter of Wholesale2B

Ultimately, Wholesale2B is an excellent option for entrepreneurs, offering comprehensive pricing plans and valuable services. It's an inexpensive way to get started in e-commerce and can provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful business. Neil Patel, one of the top digital marketing gurus, recommends the Wholesale2B platform.

The Mission

Wholesale2 B's mission is to help entrepreneurs gain the necessary insight and skills to launch a successful dropshipping business. With very minimal effort required and no specialized technical knowledge necessary, they are devoted to helping you increase your online earnings. In addition, they work hard to provide your online business with more products and revenue.

With their innovative SaaS platform, Wholesale2B can streamline your dropshipping operation using automation and analytics. At the same time, Wholesale2B puts in many hours, so you don't have to spend all your time working and maintaining a dropshipping platform by cobbling together multiple systems.

Web Tools Advisor - The mission of Whoelsale2B

Regardless of your experience level, you can maximize your profits and generate additional income through their certified business model.

The dropshipping company also offers educational materials from their team leaders to assist eCommerce business owners in fine-tuning their processes and understanding the industry.

The Success

Because of its passionate team, Wholesale2B has remained one of the industry leaders in dropshipping services; however, there are varying reviews where users say they lack reporting and analytics for their businesses or general customer service management.

Dropshippers rely on timely customer service to fulfill their customers' needs; a company that doesn't provide 24/7 chat or email support could negatively impact their business.

That said, Wholesale2B does offer customer support options like phone and support tickets that they will answer within 24 hours. However, due to the company's established reputation in the dropshipping space, it's a bit odd and below the standard expectations for the industry.

Many of their competitors offer 24/7 chat, email, and other support options. Although its customers have a high opinion of their services, the company continues to support its dropshippers with new features like automated product updates, inventory management tools, and API integrations.

Wholesale2B Review - Ratings

Wholesale2B Services

As a whole, Wholesale2B has many dropshipping services that are useful to anyone in the eCommerce business, not to mention the number of dropshipping integrations with other platforms they have established over the years.

They strive to provide their customers with the best dropshipping suppliers and the tools they need to run a successful business. New and established users can expect access to trending products, in-demand services, order processing, a directory, access to data on the top-selling products, and their new, comprehensive dropshipping course.

Wholesale2B services
  • Trending Dropshipping Products – Wholesale2B gives users access to over 100 product categories for any niche and customer needs. In addition, business owners can sign up for a free account to see all product categories.
  • Useful Dropshipping Tools – They offer a variety of powerful dropshipping tools, including order tracking, product pricing optimization, analytics, and DIY options.
  • Integrated Order Processing – Once you have active and verified accounts, Wholesale2B handles all orders with the suppliers. Their systems allow online businesses to push their products to plenty of marketplaces from the platform.
Wholesale2B Integrations
  • An Expansive Directory – Their directory features high-quality companies and a whopping 1.5 million dropship products, mainly based in the United States, with an ample selection from China.The platform partners with many dropship suppliers, providing access to various merchandise. The company works closely with top distributors in leading dropshipping niches.
  • The Top-Selling Category – If you're curious about which products perform the best for dropshipping on Wholesale2B, you're in luck. Dropshippers want to run their business by buying from profitable niches, and the company can help. They regularly update the top-performing products on their website.
  • Wholesale2B Education – Dropshippers can hone their competitive edge and sign up for their dropshipping course for free on the website. It covers topics like product research, setting up a store, marketing strategies, and more.
Wholesale2B additional integrations

While the SaaS platform has many services available to serve its users, one of its best achievements is its plan offerings and integrations, which cover just about every popular dropshipping option currently on the market. Let's discuss their plan options.

Wholesale2B Review – Dropship Plans

Wholesale2B offers three paid plans and a free-forever plan, each with advantages and price points. However, all dropshipping plans have access to free product browsing, producing importing up to 10,000 products, automated inventory updates, a 1-click order process, unlimited orders, order and tracking sync, price change alerts, and more.

Aside from that, dropshippers can operate their stores by importing their existing stores, importing to specific marketplaces, or creating their store from scratch. If you were to import to other marketplaces, you would have access to the following:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Wish
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Ecwid
  • and more
Wholesale2B Pricing plans

Wholesale2B Dropship Products

Dropshippers can find thousands of products and dropshipping suppliers in any niche on the platform. The product categories range from apparel, electronics, pet supplies, baby items, beauty products, and more.

Each product has its dropshipping supplier with a wide range of specifications on pricing, shipping costs, delivery times, and more. Dropshippers can even filter or browse by categories, suppliers, keywords, UPCs, and more.

Wholesale2B tries to incorporate new products, suppliers and features to help dropshippers to help companies find the right products for their stores. The SaaS platform has also designed the dashboard so that its core functionalities are easy to grasp for anyone who may not be tech-savvy.

In addition, the ease of dashboard use isn't plan-dependent, so you don't have to worry about missing out on features even if you opt for the free plan, but you won't be able to sell anything until you upgrade to a paid plan.

Wholesale2B Review - Trending dropshipping categories

Wholesale2B Review – Dropship Features

From the get-go, navigating Wholesale2B's platform isn't as straightforward as expected. This can be overwhelming for some, especially those new to dropshipping. However, in terms of features, Wholesale2B has the standard traits of any successful dropshipping app.

Main User Interface

The primary user interface allows dropshippers to access the dashboard and certain shared features across the platform. Dropshippers can find products, access a support ticket system, find helpful resources, browse plan options, and view monthly activity reports.

The free plan lets users access or at least allows them to see, much of what Wholesale2B has in store. The product categories, program pricing, and features are easily visible and tailored to specific dropshipping groups.

Product Search

Finding the perfect products and suppliers for your dropshipping business is simple with Wholesale2B's powerful product search function. Its expansive database makes locating the ideal items from various sources effortless. With this feature, you can get back to what matters most – growing your business your way.

As mentioned, users can filter their searches in the directory to find the right product. With the help of keyword searches, UPCs, categories, or shipping specifics, you can narrow your search down to the perfect product for your store.

Users can see important information on each product, like the item number, estimated shipping and handling fees, the product description, special notes, or additional supplier charges.

Wholesale2B Product access

However, the free plan doesn't give you access to all of these features; you have to upgrade to get full access to Product Comparisons, which would help dropshippers price competitively.

Selling Your Products

Like many options, Wholesale2B offers an automated order fulfillment option; dropshippers can quickly process orders, saving time and money.

Once an order is placed, Wholesale2B will automatically notify the supplier to fulfill and ship the order. This means that dropshippers don't have to manually process orders or wait until suppliers confirm their stock availability.

The automated order feature also allows dropshippers to track and monitor their orders via the dashboard. Business owners can check on the status of orders, delivery times, or shipping costs. This feature also supports a wide range of payment processing options.

However, that's not all; if automation isn't how you want to run things initially, explore the manual fulfillment option.

Dropshipper would need a reseller account with the dropshipping suppliers to use Wholesale2B; this means you could update your product listing whenever there are changes from the supplier side.

Moreover, you can also get real-time customer feedback and access the support ticket system to resolve any customer complaints that may arise.

A product detail display on the Wholesale2B platform

Every step of the process is fulfilled and managed by you; as a small business owner, this option may be appropriate for you. However, as your business grows, manually handling fulfillment and other things may not be the most efficient way to run things.

Wholesale2B also limits selling to customers within the United States or Canada; if you want to sell internationally, you'll have to get a reseller account and speak to the suppliers to make an arrangement.

Third-Party Marketplaces

In addition to helping eCommerce merchants set up their dropshipping businesses on the platform, it also facilitates drop shippers on third-party platforms.

Whether you are selling your items through eBay or Amazon, Wholesale2B has a dedicated package for each popular marketplace at an affordable rate of $37.99/month that provides various features for pushing products to your account.

With only a single click, you can begin the order-filling process and sit back while Wholesale2B works alongside product suppliers on your behalf. You will also quickly receive all tracking codes pushed to your eBay or Amazon account.

Additionally, integrating with eBay or Amazon allows Wholesale2B's marketplace tools to analyze stock levels – 24/7. This allows for real-time synchronization and updating of inventory data so that you stay informed about what’s available.

Despite the platform's flexibility, they can only integrate with the USA and Canadian versions of trending stores, which can be severely limiting if you want to access the global markets.

Product Analytics

Wholesale2B Product Analytics

If you are looking for the most lucrative products to sell, the app has various reports with valuable insight into top-selling items and market trends.

Dropshipping Suppliers Analytics

There are additional insights relating to supplier performance reports. Wholesale2B assists you in choosing the ideal product suppliers by disclosing their history and providing data on cancellation rates and order fulfillment ratios. This way, you can make informed decisions about reliable partners.


Dropshipping automation is a vital tool for streamlining business operations, especially when the dropshipper doesn't have the time to handle activities manually.

Wholesale2B offers automation features that regularly monitor suppliers' product availability and inventory levels. It also automatically pushes tracking codes to customer orders and other order details.

  • Inventory Automation – Their system will seamlessly sync the in-stock inventory, add new products and instantly remove out-of-date items to keep your merchandise up-to-date.
  • Order Automation – The system manages orders with a single click—no need to deal with multiple vendors. The unified and intuitive platform eliminates the hassle of tracking codes and return requests.

Platform Integrations

There are two ways dropshippers can integrate with Wholesale2B. The first is starting their store on a different platform and importing data and products to marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Weebly, and more.

With each integration, the Wholesale2B app integrates with the platform to import products, manage orders, sync tracking codes, and facilitate automated dropshipping.

The second integration option requires that you start dropshipping on Wholesale2B; then, you could import to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Bonanza, Wish, GoDaddy, and even Google.

The API integration allows developers to integrate their existing Wholesale2B web store with these options, enabling them to pull product data and connect it with their store.

Wholesale2B Review - Platform Integrations

Users could even export a CSV or XML file if that were more convenient. This integration method allows dropshippers to have better control over their store while still leveraging the resources provided by Wholesale2B.

Wholesale2B Pricing Plans

Aside from creating your website from scratch through Wholesale2B, importing your existing stores, or importing to a well-known marketplace, the platform has other options on the dashboard, such as the Subscribe plan and the Integrations plan. When you arrive at their main webpage, you can see the standard pricing listed:

  • To import your existing store, you'll pay $37.99 a month. You'll have access to an upgradable list of products starting at 10,000 downloadable products, price change alerts, product statuses, unlimited orders, purchase invoices, one storefront integration, syncing (orders, tracking, inventory), a success score, the new Dropship class, analytics from the dashboard, and price comparisons.
  • To start your store using Wholesale2B's platform, you'll also pay $37.99 a month and have access to the same features as someone who imports a store from their previous dropshipping platform.
  • Start your store from scratch and get access to the same benefits for $49.99 a month plus a domain name, email address, payment integration (Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net), SEO URLs, and easy customization, all with no developer needed.

If you're a dropshipping beginner, you may want to forgo the learning curve of all the other plans' additional features and choose the standard Subscribe Plan, which still gives newbies the option for up to 500 products and downloadable products and all the other shared components. However, newbies on this bare-bones plan cannot use integrations.

Wholesale2B Review – Help & Support

With international dropshipping never taking a break, you may expect around-the-clock customer service from Wholesale2B, but it's not an option now.

The support platform isn't as comprehensive as other dropshippers.

Create a support ticket

Wholesale2B's tech support team is only available during regular business hours; unfortunately, direct phone calls are not an option, though a phone number is listed on their website.

Users have commented on multiple forums that submitting a ticket request from your account is the most efficient way to get help. A support ticket takes 24 hours to get a response.


If support isn't helping much, don't worry. There is an Academy series with an expanding library of articles covering specific topics and tips for dropshippers of any experience level.

In addition, there are classes for their Dropship Education series; at this time, there are six total classes about the fundamentals.

Wholesale2B Academy

The classes cover topics such as an introduction to dropshipping, dropshipping best practices, how to handle returns and more.

Articles & Videos

The Dropship Learning Center starts with a search bar where users can type in their questions and get relevant libraries of help articles and tutorial videos. For instance, Wholesale2B has 21 helpful articles and ten tutorial videos on the dropshipping Amazon plans.

Support Options

As mentioned, their support options are limited to the ticketing system; however, they have social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Wholesale2B team is active on these channels and usually responds to questions within a business day; however, don't be surprised if they use their social media channels for expressing news and updates, as most companies do.

Wholesale2B Review – Alternatives

If you've browsed through all that Wholesale2B has to offer, and it's not for you, or you encounter other issues, you'll be happy to know that there are some comparable alternatives. Some leading alternatives include Spocket, AutoDS, and Modalyst.


Spocket - Wholesale2B alternative

2023 Dropshipping App Rating: 4.8/5 Stars |  2023 WTA App Rank: #1

The platform is known for its fantastic customer support via email and live chat, a massive selection of US and EU-based dropshipping suppliers, and low costs. They have many of the same integrations as Wholesale2B.

In addition, Spocket shipping is notably faster, as many users have stated in the past, and is more refined as it allows dropshippers to choose the products they want based on where they ship.

Plus, their wholesale prices are from curated suppliers and sourced products, which increases the chances of much higher product margins. When comparing the two, many dropshippers often stick with Spocket over Wholesale2B.

Read our complete Spocket review for more information on this top dropshipping app.


AutoDS - Wholesale2B alternative

2023 Dropshipping App Rating: 4.3/5 Stars | 2023 WTA App Rank: #4

AutoDS offers a straightforward platform with valuable features like product auto-updating and automated CSV file uploading. It brands itself as an automated option with better research tools, supplier locations, and a low-cost pricing plan.

It also integrates with leading platforms like eBay and Amazon, though not as many as Wholesale2B, making it a great alternative.

Users are also much happier with the support options provided by AutoDS, which seem to be available day or night, no matter where they are located.

Interested in AutoDS? Read our comprehensive AutoDS review.


Modalyst - Wholesale2B alternative

2023 Dropshipping App Rating: 4.1/5 Stars |  2023 WTA App Rank: #2 (international)

Modalyst is a dropshipping platform focusing on high-end fashion and luxury products from small businesses and independent designers.

With more than one million products from hundreds of global brands, they are renowned for providing products from high-quality retailers like Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein, plus plenty of trending products for every type of customer.

Modalyst also officially partners with AliExpress, so many applicable products and benefits are specific to this platform. Users can also use the Google Chrome extension to manage integrations and dropshipping processes better.

The platform also has more flexible shipping arrangements to 80 countries, excluding South America and Africa. Wix has recently acquired them, so some changes might be on the horizon that you'll want to pay attention to if you choose Modalyst.

Wholesale2B Review Wrap-up

Wholesale2B is a solid dropshipping platform for beginners looking to open an e-commerce store. They provide an excellent foundation for building a dropshipping business with various integrations, support ticketing, and a growing library of educational content.

However, other alternatives in the market are worth considering — Spocket or AutoDS as their customer support options, selection of dropshipping suppliers, and streamlined features may make them better suited to the needs of dropshipping businesses.

Wholesale2B is an excellent starting point for many dropshippers as they can access a wide range of products. Still, for the platform's experience, it leaves out some key features and customer support options that will only frustrate dropshippers and push them to their competitors.

Nevertheless, with a few changes in critical areas, such as user support and integrations with more platforms, Wholesale2B could be a formidable dropshipping solution.

Every dropshipping journey is unique — so take the time to research your options and find the one that works for you. If you’re considering dropshipping, Wholesale2B is certainly worth a look.

Wholesale2B Review – Ready for Dropshipping Business Success?

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