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How to Delete an Upwork Account: A Simple Three-Step Process

When freelancing, there are many marketplaces to review and build an account that can provide you access to clients. Upwork is one of the most popular but not the easiest to work with as a freelancer. If you've found greener pastures, it might be time to delete your Upwork account. But how do you delete an Upwork account? This tutorial will give you all the info you need on how to delete an Upwork account and take the next step in your freelancing journey.

How To Delete an Upwork Account?

If you're looking to delete your Upwork account, the process is fairly simple and can be done through the account settings page. Once you've completed the steps, your account will be permanently deleted. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact customer support.

It's important to note that deleting an account will not remove any work or projects you have completed on the platform or any of your credits. Additionally, you cannot re-create an account with the same email once it has been deleted. So make sure you've completed all your tasks before taking this step.

Freelancer Upwork Account Deletion

If you want to permanently delete your account, Upwork has a three-step process to help you.

Step 1 Login to Your Upwork Freelancer Account

First, log into your account. If you have not logged in for a while or have opted in for two-factor authentication, you will be asked to use the app to authenticate your login details.

How to Delete an Upwork Account - Upwork account authentication

Step 2 Navigate to the Close Account Link

Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ page using the gear icon by clicking on your image in the upper right-hand corner.

How to Delete Upwork Account - settings gear

Click on the ‘Close my account’ option in the Account panel. This will be the top panel within the Account dashboard.

How to Delete an Upwork Account - close my account link in freelancer dashboard

Next, enter the verification code sent to you via email and confirm your identity by entering it on the website. The final step is to read and accept the terms of service before clicking on the ‘Delete Account’ button. Once you have completed this process, your account will be permanently deleted from Upwork’s system, and all related data will be removed. This means there will be no trace of your account or activity on the site after deletion.

Step 3 For Deleting an Upwork Freelancer Account

The final step in the Upwork account deletion process is to confirm you truly want to delete the account. Assuming you have satisfied all other obligations on the platform, you must verify the correct email is listed, enter your account password, and then hit Continue.

You'll then be asked some questions as to why you are deleting your Upwork account. After you have provided your answer, you can click the Close account button and permanently delete your Upwork account.

How to Delete Your Upwork Client Account

If you want to delete your Upwork client account (the account for hiring freelancers), the process is similar to deleting a freelancer account. You must be the company owner to delete an Upwork client profile.

Step 1 For Deleting an Upwork Client Account

You'll log in and navigate to your client account using the top left-hand drop-down menu once into the platform. Click on the gear icon (settings), and The close account option is in the bottom panel of the client dashboard.

How to Delete Upwork Account - settings gear

Remember, Upwork has the option for creating multiple accounts. If you have more than one account, you will need to repeat this process for each one.

Step 2 For Deleting An Upwork Client Account

To delete the account, you must not have open contracts with freelancers or ownership of the account. If you are not the owner, you'll need to contact the owner and have them remove you from the account. Assuming ownership, you'll click on the Close account link.

How to Delete Upwork Account - close account link in dashboard

If for any reason, you have forgotten to close a contract or have any other open dispute or item on the platform, you'll see a pop-up letting you know that you are unable to close the account until the conflict is resolved.

How to Delete Upwork Account - pop-up warning for having an open contract

Step 3 For Deleting an Upwork Client Account

If you do not have any conflicts preventing the deletion of your Upwork account, you'll be asked once more to confirm that you want to delete your Upwork account. As you would if you were a freelancer, you'll verify your password, hit Continue, furnish the deletion reason, and finally, press Close account.

Client or Agency Admin / Manager / Team Member

If you are not an owner of an account but simply an admin, manager, or team member, you will not be able to delete your Upwork account. Only the agency owner can delete an agency account. You will need to reach out to the owner of the client account and have them remove you so you can successfully delete the account.

How to Delete Upwork Account - Pop-up warning of not being the client account owner

Things To Do Before Upwork Account Deletion

Before deleting your Upwork account, ensure you have completed the following.

  1. Cancel any active contracts – You cannot delete your Upwork account without ensuring all active contracts are closed.
  2. Withdraw all funds from your account – Once you delete your Upwork account, you cannot withdraw any funds held in your Upwork account, so ensure you have a zero balance before deleting.
  3. Complete any pending payments – Similarly to contracts, you cannot close your account if you have unpaid invoices or payments to you that are pending.

After you’ve taken care of these steps, you can proceed with the three-step process to delete your entire Upwork account. If you get hung up during the account deletion process, it is best to contact support to assist.

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How to Delete Upwork Account Wrap-up

You’re all set! Now, you can start freelancing on the freelancer platform of your choice. Keep reading our blog and follow us on social media to learn more about freelancing. We’ll be sharing tips and tricks every freelancer should know.

How to Delete an Upwork Account: A Simple Three-Step Process

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