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What is a Fiverr Ghostwriter? How to Find the Best on Fiverr

If you require a ghostwriter, look no further than Fiverr. There are thousands of ghostwriters available across a wide range of prices. You'll have no problem finding one, but do you know how to find the best Fiverr ghostwriter? This article breaks it down for you and provides five of the best to get you started.

What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who pens words for someone else. They may write songs, books, articles, speeches, and more. As they are not acknowledged as the work's creator, they remain invisible – hence the term ‘ghostwriting.'

Ghostwriting is acceptable in many industries but is typically frowned upon when considering fiction and academia. As a ghostwriter, you must know that investing in the writing process is the only true path to success, but since you're writing on behalf of someone else, you must also put the needs and interests of that person first.

What are the Benefits of Ghostwriting?

Many subject matter experts would say that ghostwriting and freelancing are pretty similar. The big difference is that ghostwriters don't get credit for their writing. This gives them a sense of freedom and control: they do not have to worry about what the audience will think of their work, at least not directly.

The content they create is tailored to the client's needs, and the writer's name is not associated with it.

Sure, that's one way to look at it.

However, even if you're not getting credit for the work as the author, there are still many benefits for ghostwriters.

The Personal Satisfaction of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting allows writers to work with many clients and subject matters. A ghostwriter can write about a new topic, learn something new, and gain professional experience.

They can also get to know their clients deeper and be satisfied with seeing the content they wrote being used successfully.

The Networking Possibilities of Ghostwriting

Additionally, ghostwriting offers writers an excellent opportunity to work on exciting projects they may not ordinarily have the chance to do otherwise.

When ghostwriting for a client, the writer gets to know what the client does, what motivates them, and what their brand is all about. This can open the door to future collaborations, partnerships, and networking opportunities.

The Networking Possibilities of Ghostwriting

Typically industry leaders don't have the time or energy to write what they need, so they often turn to ghostwriters. As the ghostwriter, you have the potential to make an impact on that person's life – and what better way to network than by doing something meaningful?

The Fees Associated with Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting can be a great way to make money. Fees are typically based on what the project entails, how long it takes, and the requirements. Some ghostwriters may charge by the hour, while others use a flat fee or per-project rate.

Either way, you get paid for your writing expertise without compromising your own creative integrity.

How Does Someone Go About Finding a Ghostwriter on Fiverr?

When searching for a writer on Fiverr, it's essential to read through their profile and reviews to get an idea of what they specialize in, their unique style, and what kind of content they create.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. When choosing a ghostwriter on Fiverr, look for someone who deeply understands what it takes to write for multiple audiences, what kind of writing style is appropriate and what topics are most relevant to their client's audience.

The Fiverr online marketplace is full of ghostwriters of varying levels,

The online marketplace is full of ghostwriters of varying levels, but it will take some good old-fashioned research to determine which ones are suitable for your project.

Be warned; there are just as many terrible ghostwriters on Fiverr as there are good ones. A good ghostwriter can mold their writing style to what you need while maintaining originality.

Here are 10 Tips for Sourcing a Ghostwriter on Fiverr

  1. Define your project – you could find a highly talented, Top-rated Seller on Fiverr and not know it if you haven't properly defined what you need. What is the purpose of your project? What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Know where to look for a candidate – Go to a marketplace like Fiverr, search the general Ghostwriting services page, and see what sellers show up. Typically your most popular, highly-qualified ghostwriters will appear first.Sourcing writer's on Fiverr.
  3. Read the profiles of each ghostwriter – Read through what they have to say about themselves and their services. Then, look at their portfolio and what other clients have said about them.
  4. Look at their ratings – Ghostwriters on Fiverr are ranked based on their quality of work. Read what others have said about them to ensure the writer is good at what they do. If you see negative reviews, then it's more likely that they are legitimate ghostwriters. That logic may not make sense, but consider this psychologically, most customers assume that nothing is perfect, and a total lack of negative reviews means that someone either buries their negative reviews or the “reviews” aren't legitimate. Which is worse?Book writer on Fiverr.
  5. Compare prices and contact – Once you've found at least four promising ghostwriters, compare what they charge, their experience, and their services. Make sure you understand what each one offers before contacting your top two candidates.
  6. Check out portfolios – After you've chosen your top two candidates, start a dialogue and ask for links to their portfolios. Asking for samples of their work and what writing style they specialize in can help you decide if the ghostwriter is a good fit. Schedule a paid writing sample if their portfolio doesn't help you.
  7. Discuss the project requirements – Understand that ghostwriters prefer autonomy, and others like to work closely with their clients. Make sure that what you are asking for is what the ghostwriter offers and that everyone is on the same page. Establish the terms and discuss project milestones, revisions, and how involved you may be in the process.
  8. Don't rush and be prepared to pay – Don't be tempted to go with the cheapest ghostwriter you find. You get what you pay for, and if you are looking for quality work, you should expect to pay for it. Good ghostwriters are hard to come by and can book up quickly, but they are worth the wait.
  9. Don't accept plagiarism – You need to ensure the work you are getting from a ghostwriter is original and never taken from somewhere else or plagiarized. Some plagiarism-checking tools, like Grammarly, will scan the content for you and come back with a percentage of plagiarism you can review.
  10. Review the use of AI writing tools – You need to discuss what you will accept and not accept when it comes to AI writing. Many ghostwriters rely on AI tools to complete articles faster, but faster content doesn't mean better content. Open discussion about your expectations will provide the boundaries to support a better end product.reviewing options in the Fiverr marketplace.

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The Top 5 Ghostwriters on Fiverr

After doing your research and following the steps above, you may not like any of the candidates you find. If you are still unsure of what ghostwriter to hire, here is a list of the top five ghostwriters on Fiverr.

Dina Soul Writing – Top Rated Seller

Dinasoulwriting - Ghostwriter on Fiverr

Dina Soul Writing is a group of experienced Fiverr ghostwriters specializing in high-quality children's literature. Weaving stories with threads of love, awareness, hope, and good values for children everywhere is a passion that motivates their team of writers, proofreaders, and editors.

Every project they work on has a unique process: Brainstorming – Initiating the creative process; Writing – First steps; Proofreading and Editing – Fine-tuning; Final Revision – Polishing and finishing. Regardless of the project's complexity, their team is always devoted to providing an impeccably proofread and edited final product with unwavering dedication. Click the button below for current pricing and content requirements.

EmmaJackson99 – Level 2 Seller

Fiverr ghostwriter Emmajackson99

Emma is a Level 2 Seller, a ghostwriter with many repeat clients, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and creative writing. With an established presence on Wattpad and part of the Wattpad Stars program for writer development, she has achieved over 300,000 reads on her young adult dystopian series.

As a professional author and avid reader, she offers top-notch content that emphasizes structural uniformity and character consistency while crafting compelling prose that “demonstrates” instead of merely describing.

In addition to her novel rewriting work, Emma provides original fictional short stories written within the desired genre as requested by the client. Emma typically writes literary, romance, science fiction, fantasy, and that speak to young adult audiences. You can connect with Emma using the button below.

Briannashrum – Fiverr Pro Seller

Fiverr ghostwriter briannashrum

As the head of Whitrock Creative and an author with six books on the shelves, this Fiverr ghostwriter is a master of creative storytelling. Passionate about words, storytelling, and the written word overall, Brianna is excited to share her work.

Her work is traditionally published in various countries, including the U.S., Italy, France, and the Netherlands. Brianna's team at Whitrock Creative consists of four highly-skilled, award-winning, and experienced authors who are passionate about helping you with your project.

Whether it be a hilarious anecdote or a heartfelt story, an outlandish fantasy, or an intimate romance – her writers have the creativity to bring any idea to life. As a Fiverr Pro Seller, Brianna has many repeat clients and specializes in Memoirs and Biographies but is open to writing fiction; she has a Basic package that's perfect for an outline and a consultation.

Bandi Crawford – Top Rated Seller

The Bandi Crawford crew is a professional ghostwriter service on Fiverr

The Bandi Crawford crew is a professional ghostwriter service on Fiverr, run by an experienced writer, editor, and educator Bandi Crawford. Bandi has over a decade in the writing industry and holds 2 degrees, multiple occult diplomas, a TEFL, and more. She chooses her team of expert professionals and offers a range of services from editing to content creation.

The team specializes in fiction writing, mainly fantasy, steampunk, horror, and erotica. The team also provides creative consultation services with personalized feedback on concepts or ideas. They take on all jobs from 500 words up to 150,000 words – so no matter what you're looking for, the Bandi Crawford Crew can help!

Tme2012 – Top Rated Seller

tme2012 Fiverr ghostwriter

As an experienced Fiverr ghostwriter, he crafts top-quality, engaging books and eBooks on various non-fiction topics. With over 200 projects completed since 2018, his experience is extensive and ever-growing. Tme2012 has been a full-time freelancer since 2013 and has written everything from autobiographies to historical works.

His knowledge spans the spectrum of popular topics such as debt reduction, business and technology, digital transformation, AI/machine learning, cryptocurrency, and digital marketing. For each project he takes on, he produces thoroughly researched content, is well-organized with outlines provided if necessary, and delivers on time.

Find your owner Fiverr writer

How much do ghostwriters charge on Fiverr?

Ghostwriters on Fiverr charge according to the type and length of the project, from $5 for 500 words up to thousands of dollars for longer projects. However, Fiverr should distance itself from the $5 price point and seems to be doing it every so slowly.

If nothing else, many others agree that the Fiverr brand needs to evolve. For example, it's more common for freelancers and ghostwriters to charge approximately $20 to $30 per hour; exceptionally talented ghostwriters may charge $50 or more.

EduBirdie for academic writing needs

The arrangement must also cover that the ghostwriter produces content within the constraints set by the buyer and that the buyer compensates the ghostwriter based on the contract terms. Some forms of ghostwriting are viewed as unethical, such as writing academic papers, which are strictly prohibited in many jurisdictions.

Acadoo - Academic ghostwriter

Where to Find Ghostwriters if You Don't Use Fiverr

Fiverr offers a range of ghostwriting services at different price points, making it easy to find what you need to get the job done, but it isn't the only platform for finding ghostwriters. They seem to be popping up every day.

Depending on the type of writing assignment you need to complete and the niche you want it written for, two excellent alternatives for finding ghostwriters are WritersWork and Freelancer.

Ghostwriting has been around for a long time but is receiving more traction, with content deemed critically valuable by search engines and essential for business success.

Know of other top ghostwriting freelancers on Fiverr? Let us know in the comments!

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What is a Fiverr Ghostwriter? How to Find the Best on Fiverr

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