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UpLead Review – Is UpLead Changing the Prospecting Game in 2023?

Picking the right prospect isn’t easy. In fact, prospecting is hard. According to Spotio, more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. When you’re selling software or services, it can get even more challenging because you need to target customers who may not yet know they need what you have to sell them. That is where lead generation comes in.

A lead is a potential client who has expressed interest in what you offer but hasn’t taken the next step to becoming a client. Lead generation can be tricky, though, because if you don’t put the right processes in place, your leads can quickly lose value over time. This is why companies like UpLead continuously innovate their lead generation solutions to better target customers and reduce instances of bad leads.

Let’s see how UpLead stacks up as a company and what advantages it offers as an extension of your marketing department or sales team.

What is UpLead?

UpLead Review - UpLead homepage

The business development game has remained mostly the same for years now. Prospectors find leads, make phone calls and send emails to uncover new prospects that can potentially become new business. The only change we’ve seen is how businesses use this process to uncover and reach new customers. UpLead is set to disrupt the prospecting game.

UpLead is an online marketing leader in the lead generation space. They offer a variety of lead generation solutions that allow businesses to prospect for new clients, identify and engage with their target audience, digitize their processes, and execute more effectively on the go.

The primary benefit of UpLead is they can connect you with your ideal customer whether you’re selling software or services. UpLead has many features, like technology tracking and account-based marketing data, to help you stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for a way to gain a competitive edge in your market, UpLead can get you there.

UpLead’s Prospecting Solution: How it works and why you need it

UpLead Review - UpLead data commitment 95% accuracy

UpLead’s prospecting approach is based on using high-quality, hand-picked data. The emphasis UpLead puts on ensuring data accuracy and quality puts them above other solutions in the prospecting space. UpLead wants its platform to deliver the highest quality leads at an affordable price point, it's as simple as that. But how do they do this?

UpLead uses a combination of various data sources, including historical sales data, customer demographics, psychographics, social media data, and email lists. This allows them to target specific prospects based on their interests, needs, or behaviors.

As a result, your marketing messages will be more likely to reach the people you want them to reach – resulting in higher engagement, better conversion rates, and, ultimately, more business.

The Importance of Data Accuracy & Quality

Data accuracy is one of the most important aspects of prospecting as a growth tool. Irrelevant or inaccurate data can waste time and money, while high-quality data is essential for effectively targeting your audience.

Data quality is just as important. Poor quality data can cause you to waste resources contacting people who are not interested. At the same time, highly accurate and relevant information will help you make more informed decisions about which prospects to contact.

UpLead Data Points

Suffice it to say UpLead collects far more data points than can be relayed here, but a small selection of some of the most critical is listed below for contacts and companies.

  • Contact details
  • Job function
  • Company size
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Revenue
  • Location
  • Industry

How UpLead Can Help You Find and Qualify Leads

UpLead offers several key tools within the prospecting space. These tools alone are powerful, but they are game-changing for lead generation when put together.


Prospector guarantees 95% precision in the contact data searched. Most other systems only average 50% accuracy. Over 108 million active contacts are in the database, covering over 200 countries. There are over 50 search criteria with both contact and company data present. You can connect Prospector with all the popular CRMs and other sales solutions through Zapier.

Data Enrichment

If you have shaky data, you can use the data enrichment tool to append accurate data points to your lists of contacts, companies, and emails across 50 or more data points. Data enrichment is guaranteed 95% accuracy if you have the full name and company URL. Using this tool, you can also upload company URLs and get data pools for contacts and companies.

Email Verification

Real-time verification of emails is the secret sauce to how an UpLead email doesn't end up bouncing when a campaign is sent. There is a 95% accuracy guarantee for all valid emails, and if they don't have a valid email for a contact, they don't show it to you and don't charge you for the lookup. You get real email addresses, not catch-all emails or spam traps.


With over 16,000 technology data points, you can find companies more easily and quickly than with other prospecting tools. You can exclude certain technologies from your prospecting search and have in-browser technographics supplied via the Chrome extension. This allows you to focus on who is buying vs. all the internet noise.

Email Finder

A powerful and necessary tool that many sites provide, but UpLead has perfected it. The ability to find emails and unlock them with accuracy at scale is not easy. With UpLead, you can search by company name or URL and find contact emails for over 108 million contacts. You create lists and pay for valid emails only; all catch-all or spam-trap emails are flagged and never charged for.

If you're running email marketing campaigns, having the ability to email the correct and most valuable contact is imperative. UpLead helps obtain the best contacts for your email outreach efforts.

Intent Data

Intent data is extremely powerful and valuable when prospecting. UpLead's intent data allows you to see trends, consumption behaviors, and more so you can concentrate on lead generation with less guesswork.

Segment your intent data, prioritize the contacts, and communicate when they show the most promising levels of intent. Intent data will also provide critical insights that can change your messaging, resource usage, or marketing channels.

Chrome Extension and API

UpLead also comes with a Chrome extension to stay plugged into the platform and information across the web. You'll be able to grab lead data from any website and LinkedIn profiles and see related contacts.

You can push these leads directly into your CRM from the browser or export them as a CSV. With UpLead's robust API, you can seamlessly bring the data into your applications to add value to your platform or solution.

UpLead Pricing and Fees

UpLead Review - Pricing plans

UpLead offers three paid plans for their platform, paid monthly or annually. They also offer a 7-day free trial that provides users with five credits to use. The free plan does provide the user with almost all of the features and the complete dataset, so if you are looking to test out the accuracy and value or if it's worth paying for, the free trial should give you what you need.

UpLead Essentials: $74/month if paid annually, otherwise, $99/month.

Essentials provides you with 2,040 credits with the annual package or 170/month with additional credits costing $0.60 each.

UpLead Plus: $149/month if paid annually, otherwise, $199/month.

Plus provides 4,800 credits with the annual package or 400/month with additional credits costing $0.50 each. Plus adds the enrichment API and email pattern intel as added features.

UpLead Professional: $299/month if paid annually, otherwise, $399/month.

Professional provides 12,000 credits with the annual package or 1000/month with additional credits costing $0.40 each. Professional adds additional users, intent data, all search filters, prospector Pro API, and competitor intelligence.

UpLead Review - 7-day free trial sign-up

The free trial is for seven days if you decide to get started. You'll need to fill in some basic information, and then you'll be sent a verification email. Upon verification, you'll hit a payment gate and be asked to enter your credit card info.

UpLead will send you an email two days before the trial expires. If you don't cancel in time, you'll be charged $890 for the Essentials plan, so tread carefully unless you're convinced UpLead is for you.

UpLead Review - Free trial pay gate

You can also schedule a demo with their product team if you're on the fence about committing dollars to try UpLead.

How UpLead Is Changing the Prospecting Game in 2023

UpLead helps companies advance their business by reaching out to new prospects for more than just lead generation. In the future, UpLead will be able to have a more significant impact on the prospecting game because it can offer companies not only leads but also the tools they need to convert those leads into new business.

With the help of its innovative enrichment API, UpLead will be able to provide clients with valuable information like what content resonates best with them, what they are looking for in a new business partner, and even where their competitors rank in specific industries. This data can help businesses identify which leads to pursue and convert more quickly and easily.

Furthermore, UpLead’s Prospector Pro API will allow companies to automatically send personalized offers based on the interests of their target prospects. As a result, companies will get access to more leads and higher-quality prospects that are further along in their purchase process.

UpLead Disadvantages

Despite its many advantages, there are some downsides when using UpLead. For example, the monthly fee can be expensive for smaller businesses, and the enrichment features may not apply to all companies.

Additionally, although Prospector Pro is an impressive tool that can help automate lead conversion processes, it does have limitations and requires specific API programming skills.

UpLead Support

UpLead is a relatively young company founded in 2017, and young companies typically emphasize great customer service as it provides them with a competitive advantage in the crowded SaaS space. UpLead offers a great tool backed with various resources in the support library, including FAQs, tutorials, and support articles. Additionally, the team is available 24/7 via live chat and email.

They also offer a B2B Demand Gen Group on Facebook that you can join to gain insights from other marketing and sales professionals. To date, there are 2.5k members, but there doesn't appear to be a lot of activity.

UpLead Reviews

UpLead Review - G2 user ratings

Generally speaking, UpLead has solid and positive ratings and reviews across multiple sites, with most users speaking highly of the user interface, robust features, and support. The current rating on G2 is 4.7/5 across 542 total reviews.

UpLead Alternatives

Several other platforms for demand generation may be better suited for your specific needs. Here are three to check out if UpLead doesn't quite fit.

Lusha – Provides a Free plan to test drive that offers 5 credits per month. Paid plans start with Pro at $39/user/month. Save 25% if you pay annually.

Slintel– Recently purchased by account-based marketing company 6sense for their company and contact data. They have three options available for paid plans, all require a quote.

Clearbit – Self-referred as a data activation platform for B2B data enrichment and activation. No pricing is available, you must request a demo to get started.

Is UpLead the Right Prospecting Solution for You?

UpLead is an excellent prospecting solution for businesses that want to reach a broader range of potential customers in their business development efforts. The intuitive interface and powerful enrichment features make it easy for companies to find the information they need to make informed decisions about their prospects.

Other tools may be more suitable if you're only interested in generating leads without going into too much detail. Additionally, if your business requires more specialized enrichment features like automating lead conversion processes or tracking specific customer data, then UpLead may not be your best option.

If your primary focus is business development and acquiring more business while limiting time spent on bad leads, UpLead is a great tool for sourcing new leads and improving your sales capabilities.

UpLead Review – Is UpLead Changing the Prospecting Game in 2023?

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