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Articles should have a business casual tone that is conversational in nature but follows clear grammar and punctuation rules.

Articles are anywhere from 1000-2000 words, depending on the subject matter and the angle/approach taken. The titles should be pointed, sharp, and to the point.

Write for the Reader

All articles are written to provide value to the reader along a number of various internet-related topics, how-to's, comparison pieces, reviews, etc.


If you want to provide an image or images, they should be provided at a max size of 1200px wide @ 72dpi and can be uploaded with your submission as a .PNG or .JPG. File size is limited to a max of 150kb.

Author Bios

Author bios submitted should be no more than 40-50 words total. If you choose to submit a photo, photos should be 400px x 400px.

Pay for Posts

We do not pay for blog posts at this time. If you have ideas for collaboration or other partnerships you would like to discuss, please contact us at info@webtoolsadvisor.com.

Longer content is by assignment only at this time. Please do not submit ideas for articles longer than 2000 words.


Send your post ideas via the form on this page or via email to inquiries@webtoolsadvisor.com. File extensions we accept for ideas or posts are (DOCX, PDF, and links to Google Docs). Any other format will not be opened.

Original Content & AI-Generated Content

Your content should be your own; original, non-plagiarized content that is well-researched and written by the writer, not by AI technology. If we suspect your work is not your own or has been powered by an AI writing assistant, we will not accept or publish it.


WTA uses the following style guidelines for all articles published on the website.

H1 Article Titles 
Ex. Capitalize The First Letter of Each Word
unless it is a stop word like and, or, the, or 3 characters or less.

H2 Sub-titles
Ex. Capitalize the First Letter of Major Words

H3 Sub-headers in support of H2s
Ex. Capitalize the First Letter of Major Words

H4 Is used only when sub-headers are needed for H3s
Ex. Capitalize the first letter of the first word

None of the headers take terminal punctuation unless a question mark is needed. Sentences that have quotes around words that end a sentence encapsulate the punctuation, ex. “software.” or “software?”

Subtitles or headers with dashed words need to have both words capitalized, like Must-Have.

List Elements
All list items, ordered or unordered, do not receive terminal punctuation.

Choose link text that is concise and precisely related to the content being linked. Do not link terminal punctuation. Use shorter anchor text for your link. Never link an entire sentence.

Alt Attributes
Each image should arrive with alt-attribute text that describes the image for those who cannot see the image. The Alt text uses sentence case.

Include alt text underneath the image inline within the article where you intend it to be positioned.

Sentence Structure & Punctuation
Commas: Use the serial comma (the comma preceding the “and” before the last element in a list) except in article titles.

Company and publication names: Capitalize the names of companies according to each company’s preference unless they begin a sentence, in which case they must be capitalized. 

Em dashes: Do not leave a space on either side of an em dash. Use the en dash for enumerated date ranges.

The words “internet,” “net,” “web,” and “website” do not need to be capitalized when used in sentences. E-mail or email, as is e-commerce and eCommerce, with the appropriate capital letter, is acceptable.

When using title case, capitalize the first, last, and all other major words. Lowercase “and,” “but,” “for,” “or,” and “nor” unless they are emphasized in a particular heading.

Submit Your Article Idea

Submission Guidelines

  1. Read the articles on this site to better understand the type of content we publish for our readers.
  2. Submit your idea, best headline, outline, etc. in the body of your email or the submission outline section of the form.
  3. Read these guidelines carefully, we will not respond to submissions that do not meet the criteria outlined herein.
  4. An assigned post does not mean a guarantee that it will be published so produce your best work to give yourself the best chance.
  5. Your post may take 6-8 weeks to be published as our publishing cadence is 4-5 posts a week, and the volume of submissions might create a significant backlog. Please be patient. We will update you when your post is to be published.
  6. We do not accept posts with paid ads, sponsored links or any non-referenceable backlinks included, or sponsored posts of any kind.
  7. We respond only when interested in an idea. We cannot respond to all submissions so please ensure you take the time to submit a quality idea without grammatical errors.
  8. Policies of WTA are subject to change at any time without notice so please ensure you read these carefully prior to submitting.
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